Are you Waiting?

Are you waiting for one day when everything will happen? When it will all balance out because you have reached all your milestones, and then you’ll be happy? Fully happy. Not waiting for something to happen in order to be happy, kind of happy.

You know what I mean.

Or waiting for a particular situation to pass before you can live your life’s purpose, start working on something you love, or feel fulfilled, instead of a constant feeling that overall success will come at a later date.

Are you waiting for One Day?

It’s great to believe and visualize the manifestation of all of our heart’s desires, but should we place so much trust on the one day concept? That this or that has to happen before we can really live as we imagined?

Sometime last year I had a wake up call, or should I say text? My bff and I were chatting about a topic I cannot particularly remember when half-way through our text messaging I typed:  This is it Lisa! THIS is life! Whatever the life topic was, I’d had enough of the “don’t worry…one day…talk.”

When is this one day thing that will lead into a perfect blissful, “I got all I want in my life” day gonna happen? See, our conversation revolved around some notion that one day, whatever it was we wanted to have or feel would come. Just not now. Not today. We had to wait. For things to happen that seem to be out of our control.

So what happens between now and one day? Do we live thinking about one day everyday? As if being fulfilled can’t happen now? What are these vague things that will magically happen? Does it mean it rests on a future outcome we have no control over? Is it a certain career or relationship? That’s not how it works.

Hadn’t we reached a few milestones already that promised the one day reward? Yet here we are, wondering when that big reward is coming. Again.

So I realized,

This is one day.

One day is everyday and all together is our life!

This is the one day. Everyday, we have one day. This is life.

Oh my God!

This is it! This is life.

I’m not buying this one day crap anymore.

My one day tolerance card had expired.


Because life is is happening now! It is always happening. Today. I will not wait for anything to happen to feel content.

So why would I place so much emphasis on a one day notion to begin with and assume that from then on all is one smooth ride?

Maybe it worked for me to a certain extent as a child and teenager, when I couldn’t take much action or was still growing into an adult. Back then I could feel a sense of possibility, and feel the freedom to create a vision of how I wanted my life to be when I grew up. Get it? “When I grew up.” I grew up!

But the days have come and gone and I realized that I might still be waiting on that one day. Even after accomplishments. Because realizing that one thing goal didn’t bring the feeling or internal reward expected. It was replaced it with another: One day when I’m rich, one day when I am married, one day when I have the perfect job, one day when…

No one is coming with my one day papers. That’s OK, ’cause I’m not waiting.

How many times do we have to prove it to ourselves? That one situation in and of itself does not lead to success.

That perhaps that one day can be everyday starting with your decision to feel content with where you are right now even if you have more milestones to reach. We decide. Knowing that we have more control over what we want to feel right now rather than waiting for one day….

This is it.

This is life.

This is one day.

One day is everyday and all together is our life!

Are you waiting for one day?

Any thoughts?

I’d love to hear them in a comment below!   

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