You are ready to build a life and business that you’re excited to wake up to, and I'm ready to take you there.

Hi, I’m Joselyn, a Business Consultant & Coach for Modern Entrepreneurs

I'm obsessed with seeing women start or grown their online businesses without the overwhelm.

  You are either ready to start your online business but don’t know exactly how you will monetize it, or you’re looking to grow but are feeling stuck.  

No matter which one you’re in, you are looking for expert guidance that will take you to the next level without the burnout.

You are ready to focus on fully living life with the freedom you've always imagined.

You want to look forward to Mondays because you can’t wait to work from your gifts and talents. The ones you’re meant to share with the world.

You know you’re meant to have a business that feels easy, a business that brings you fulfilment and wealth in complete alignment with who you are

Design an offer you and your clients love.  

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This is for you. 

1 on 1
90 Min Consultation

Power Session

During our 90-minute session, we’ll delve into one topic you’d like to discuss for your life and business planning.  Please take a moment to fill out a quick survey, answering a few questions to help us tailor our session to your specific needs.

3 or 6 Months Private Coaching

The Gold Mine Method™

The 3 or 6-month private coaching program offers personalized guidance to extract, refine, and polish your business ideas and get results. 

My unique methods and frameworks have guided many women into creating a life and business they’re excited to wake up to.  

3 Monthly meetings supplemented with additional support between sessions, we’ll work together to:

  • Developing your entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Discover and leverage your unique business strengths. 
  • Design your business around your lifestyle needs and expertise. 
  • Assess and fulfill your business’s basic needs, including incorporation, trademarking, and essential contracts.

This structured approach includes an initial assessment to refine your business’s vision and goals. By identifying both strengths and areas for improvement, we ensure your objectives and values are fully aligned, helping you overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship


A 6 Hour Business-Only Focus

Elevate your entrepreneurial journey and refine your business. 

During our time together, we’ll focus on helping you understand your business’s needs, your goals, and unlocking your business’s full growth and sustainability potential.

We will assess what works well and align your business with your values and objectives.

You’ll receive personalized guidance, unwavering support, and a commitment to accountability throughout the day.

By the end of this VIP Day, you’ll leave with a solid plan to earn more sales. 

Client Experiences

This entrepreneurial journey is unique to everyone and fitting in a box won’t cut it. Entrepreneurs are constantly pushing their brains to new levels that others don’t understand.


 Depending on the package we can meet in person or virtually.

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