Your Mind & Business Upgrade

Are you an Online Business Entrepreneur looking to boost your Growth & Profit? Or looking to start a business but don’t know where to start?


A strategy plan based on your personal development and business needs so that you use your time and  energy wisely and get results.

    • Are you trying to juggle personal life and feeling the pressure of posting on the countless social media outlets?
    • Are you tired of paying for course after course and not seeing a return on your investment?
    • Are you constantly doubting if your idea might work? Or wondering when you will actually make enough money?
    • Are you struggling with writing content that keeps your audience engaged?

Sadly, most businesses fail within the first year because they do not anticipate the hardships. 

It is possible, the ease of knowing your business is running smoothly and bringing in clients sooner than you think. 

online business consultant

Hi, I’m Joselyn!

Freedom and deep desire to help others was the reason I started my lifestyle business.

It wasn’t easy to narrow down the so many ideas I had, let alone manage all the tasks that I needed to do in order to create my business and turn a profit.

I learned a lot from courses, coaches, women entrepreneurship resources…you name it, I’ve been there.

At some point, I had to come to the realization that my imposter syndrome was going to keep me getting course after course and that my mindset needed to change in order to allow the level of sucess I was looking for in.

I now have a business that serves the community I wanted to serve and that allows me the freedom to travel when I please.

I learned how to connect with clients I love and better yet, I allowed the process to be easy.

If you’d like to create a system and work on your your mindset to be a successful entrepreneur/business owner, book a call with me so that we will go over your needs.

This entrepreneurial journey is unique to everyone and fitting in a box won’t cut it. Entreprneurs are constantly pushing their brains to new levels that others don’t understand.

What I can help you with?

Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Identify common fears during entrepreneurial journey if any.
  • Discover your strenghts as an  entrepreneur.
  • Develop your personal and business synergy. What works for you?
  • Learn strategies to continue going when things get tough.

Business Essentials


  • Identify your business basics needs (are you incorporated? Do you need to trademark products or services? What sort of contracts do you need?
  • Set up systems to help you run a smoother operation.

How it works…


Discovery Call

Please fill out the form to speed up the process for our call. 

Schedule a 25 minute chat with me (zoom or phone call) to go over your needs and see if we are a fit.


Schedule a Call 

Schedule a 25 call with me to go over your needs.



Let’s get to work! 

You will receive my calendar and book your first session with me. We will get right to your needs and create a plan of action. 


This is my first time working with a business coach. I initially started with a free mentor and decided to work with Joselyn Martinez. My business opened in June 2020 and I began working with Joselyn in January 2021.

Within 1 month, she made a major impact on my brand. Her suggestions as small as they may seem in the beginning are actually bigger than one can imagine. Her quality of service cannot be rated with just (5) stars. She has over delivered in service and I am grateful for including her in my business journey.

If anyone is interested in scaling their business or when you think you have done it all, there is always someone who can provide more insight to help you achieve your goals.  I am (2) months in and there is a lot more to go.

Thureiyya Rodriguez

Agni NY

Working with Joselyn Martinez has been enlightening and uplifting. I called Joselyn with a lot of anxiety about some major upcoming projects and she showed me how to put my mind at ease.

With her help, and with the many resources she shared, I was able to gain clarity and more confidence in my ability to make my projects a great success. She is easy to talk to and she takes the time to understand what fears need to be addressed and how to best address them. I’m so grateful for Joselyn’s unique way to uncover the goodness that lies beneath the fear.

I definitely feel clearer and more confident than I did before working with her, and I highly recommend her private sessions.

Laura Diaz


Joselyn holds me accountable, yet is very hands on. This is more than what I expected, despite having a detailed discovery call. Since starting my private practice / full time entrepreneur, I met quite a few people who promise to deliver and don’t. Joselyn and her team have overdelivered.

Every day, I’m constantly reminded that I have worked really hard in my professional career and leveling up is what I need to do. Since starting our work together, I have been more confident in that area!

I’m extremely satisfied with the changes I’ve made thus far related to my branding needs. I know that I have more work to do, but I’m celebrating each win.

Jessica Ríos-Flores

WomenMix Community

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what I need to work on?

Let’s get on a chat first and we talk all about your needs. I will also give you some helpful tips you can use right away.

How do we meet? Virtually or Online?

Our first chat will be online. This is the call that can help you get clearer on what your needs are. Depending on the package we can meet in person or virtually.

Didn’t get the answer to your questions?

Reach out and send me your questions, I’ll be happy to connect with you.

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