Joselyn Martinez

Business Coach & Consultant

Professional Bio

Joselyn Martinez is an NYC-based online business consultant and certified neuro coach specializing in entrepreneurship and leadership. Her mantra, “It’s your life, and you have a right to design it as you please,” underpins all her business offerings. Joselyn, the CEO of Joselyn Martinez Inc., is known for her expertise in guiding individuals to overcome societal expectations and achieve personal fulfillment.

Hailing from Washington Heights and a first-generation college graduate, Joselyn’s journey is marked by her determination to continue her education while refusing to live a life filled with “what ifs.” This resolve led her to a career in the entertainment industry. The Modern Woman Mastermind® is her brainchild—a chic personal development and business brand that guides women in crafting lives and businesses they’re excited to wake up to using neuroscience-powered strategies.

Through lifestyle workshops, digital courses, one-on-one consultations, and her flagship program, The Modern Woman Mastermind®, Joselyn challenges the misconception that personal happiness must be sacrificed for societal expectations. She guides participants in monetizing their passions and expertise, enabling them to live lives brimming with freedom and fulfillment.

Joselyn’s education as an NYU Pre-Law student fueled her tenacity in researching her father’s murder, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, which occurred when she was only nine years old. Her unwavering desire for justice led her to locate the perpetrator and bring him to justice 26 years later.

Her remarkable story has garnered attention from major publications such as Newsweek, Marie Claire, NY Daily News, NY Post, and The New York Times, as well as media outlets like ABC’s Good Morning America, CNN, and Univision. Celebrated by Cosmopolitan Magazine as a “Fun and Fearless Female,” Joselyn is currently working on a book detailing her experience. In 2020, she launched the Modern Woman Planner®, a goal-setting tool funded by supporters through an Indiegogo Campaign.

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