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Calling all trailblazing women! 

Learn to build the life you desire, earn more money, & find the clarity you’re looking for.

The Executive Lounge™


Welcome to your business home.

Continuous Weekly support for your business progress. 

Meet me weekly along with other fellow businesswomen committed to reaching their first 10K months or doubling their current revenue. 

Enjoy ALL access to our prestigious boot camps, immersive masterclasses, and courses designed to propel you toward life and business. 

Meet every Wednesday to answer your questions on Mindset, Offers, Sales, Content.

Immerse yourself in the exclusivity of our elite community, a dedicated group committed to your personal and business growth and success.


The Modern Woman Mastermind: Lifestyle Courses

The Modern Woman Mastermind® Course

Igniting your mindset to bring your goals to life. 

You want a thriving business, and you want your bank account to reflect that, but you don’t know where to start.

The Modern Woman Mastermind System will be your roadmap to get clear, focused, and get things done!

The Modern Woman Mastermind® Academy Special 1:1 Bundle

This bundle will include lifetime access to the course and 4 sessions with me to be used within two months of signing up.

The Modern Woman Mastermind® 5-Day Course

My 5-Day Course will help you reset your life when it’s time to change. It’s the perfect first step towards bringing more joy and fulfillment to your life. Stop treating distractions as a priority: learn to get out of burnout mode & see it coming for next time in just 5 days.

The Modern Woman Mastermind® Content that Sells MASTERCLASS

Learn how to make your first 5 to 10k using social media without sacrificing your life.

Let go of the past ways of doing things that are keeping you from generating revenue and free yourself from the nagging feeling that you have to be a content creating machine for social media

The Modern Woman Mastermind® Modern Business BOOTCAMP

The three-day business bootcamp to sell more online!

The Modern Woman Mastermind® The Big Boss

A 6-week intensive program designed for the woman who is ready to cut through the noise, take decisive action, and
achieve more in the next six weeks than in the past six months.


It’s time to say goodbye to a sea of endless strategies and tips that don’t move the needle in your business. 

Starting June 7th, 2024

The Modern Woman Mastermind® Club

A social club for driven women committed to living their full potential in life & business, (despite underrepresentation).

Joselyn Martinez Inc. Services

Mindset & Business Consulting

Entrepreneurs: Are you looking to boost your growth and profit, start a project, or need accountability and strategy? 

Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your mindset to remove blocks that could be holding you back. 

One-on-One Consulting is the mind and business upgrade you’re looking for!

You’ll get a customized strategy based on your personal development and business needs so that you can use your time and energy to get results.

Speaking & Workshops

Looking to motivate or offer a personal development workshop for your team or organization? 


Topics Include:
Goal SettingProductivity, and Motivation using neuroscience techniques.
Past Workshop Clients:
KPMG (Virtual),  Edelman (In-Person), and Barclays (In-Person).




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