3 Day Business Bootcamp

Learn how to make your first 5 to 10k without sacrificing your life

Would you rather have 10k followers or 10k in payments?

It’s a no-brainer if you’re a business owner.

Yet somehow you’ve caught yourself chasing the followers because if you do, then you could bring in the money.

It’s getting tiring because every day new trends are telling you how to post 3 or 4 times a day.

Countless hours recording videos and stealing time from the moments you are meant to enjoy only to have to find yourself recording mini skits as if your’e

You like social media but not what it’s become.

I hear you. When I started venturing into the online business world, my first offer was social media management.

Long gone are the days were a simple post would generate views but that’s not all we need as business owners.

You want to share how your business benefits other people and you want conversions.

If you want to

Learn how to make your first 5 to 10k using social media without sacrificing your life. 

Let go of the past ways of doing things that are keeping you from generating revenue.

Then this is for YOU

With Coach, Speaker, and Business Owner, Joselyn Martinez

I remember how posting just one photo was tasking at times. Just one photo was a lot of work. Here we are full-blown producing. Fine. Things change, and I love creativity. I just don’t love it when it’s forced and how creative is it when you’re being told what to do?

The Age of Information:
What an amazing time we live in where we can create from our fingertips!!!

That said, you can’t let others drive you crazy or forget to live in real life.

The good news is, you have a choice. Watch out for this that could be hurting your creativity and business.

Posting because you have been shamed into posting about a topic

Creating 3 or 5 reels when you are miserable for it and rather be spending quality time with family or doing something else.

You can try anything in business. Why not?
If it’s working for you, great!

If it’s not…

The problem is when you are getting nowhere fast in business and spending more time in creating than making money!



“You can change everything at any time.”

You’ve invested in your branding, you have no problem spending
You have a problem receiving

When it comes to you, you have a problem receiving.

Two types:
Problem receiving money: Selling.
Problem receiving it through this social media.

Maybe your Instagram page looks beautiful but you stopped there.

You might have spent money on branding but don’t fully use it.

Or you’re posting all kinds of things that sound good but it doesn’t do anything for your business.

But there is no offer.
Because You’re scared that if you sell you sound cringe.
Or that your current audience might think it’s tacky.

Here is a question for you:
Do you want to make money and feel the rewards of your labor?
If the answer is yes, this is for you.

Some people are lurkers and will never buy anything so if you’re catering to them, you won’t sell anything.

Do you want to offer inspirational posts all day and create content to inspire and motivate, taking from your valuable time without making anything for your hard work?

At this point you have spent in the thousands.

Yet you feel like you can’t sell.

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