My name is Joselyn & I am a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur!

I didn’t give my artistic passions a chance without a battle. I wanted to make a difference in the world but had to overcome some hurdles in order to realize my purpose. I was an NYU Pre-Law student, on the fast track towards a career in cliche central, ignoring my true passion for the arts.

After some soul searching in college, I decided to give my dream a shot and have not looked back. This amazing journey towards self actualization has gifted me a thriving career as a working actress, as well as a new business teaching other women how to design a life that  fulfills their deepest desires.

Lifestyle design is more than just building a business you love.

It’s about creating a life that gives you the courage, freedom and inspiration to be who you are, without apology; because that is where the joie de vivre comes in.

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Joselyn came into my life like the teacher I needed. I’ve become aware of the cycles of my creativity as a multi-talented person, and no longer feel badly if I haven’t worked on a project in a while. Joselyn is like a big sister who gave me just the right amount of creative spark that I needed.

I appreciate how much she values freedom, and the gentle ways she helps us hold ourselves accountable. Because of that, I felt at ease with going at my pace, which allowed me even more freedom to be creative.

– Lorisse B. –

Multi-Faceted Performer. Creative Lifestyle Designer.
Happiness Activist. New Yorker.
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