Do you feel like you’re doing a lot and have nothing to show for it?

It’s a common theme for today’s modern woman. Let’s get you on track to a more fulfilling life.

Why you haven’t reached your goals?

Year after year, you probably write down your resolutions. And most don’t come to fruition.


  • First, because you don’t have a plan.
  • Second, because you don’t have clarity.
  • Third, because you’re lacking support, resources and accountability.

Through free resources, lifestyle workshops, digital courses and my signature program The Modern Woman Mastermind I expose the erroneous idea that one must choose between societal demands and her own personal happiness to create a life that allows more freedom and peace of mind.

I believe that we need to do what we really yearn for in life, not just settle for what’s given.

Even with the twists and turns we have to deal with, at the end you can still direct your life’s script.

What I Offer

Goal Setting Events

Feeling like you struggle to get goals down on paper? Or don’t even know where to start goal setting like a pro? You’re not alone. My events are here to get you on track & teach you the tricks to make things happen. Plus, they’re fun!

Modern Woman Mastermind™

In this 6 week mastermind, you’ll get clear on your goals, make a plan on how to make those goals happen and have a group of kick ass ladies, ready to support you.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned as a performance artist is how to be self-disciplined and find creative ways to make anything happen.

“Decide before you start

that you’ll never, ever give up.”

– Joselyn

“In a world full of distractions, it’s become increasingly difficult to focus on individual priorities, leaving many modern day women with the feeling that there is never enough time to get it all done.”

I found a way to help women facing this common issue.

It isn’t about managing time. We will never be able to.

It’s about managing ourselves.  

-Joselyn Martinez

  Hi I’m Joselyn!

An NYC performing artist & lifestyle designer committed to helping you step into your ideal life. 

I offer up to date solutions to help busy modern professional and entrepreneurial women like you, reach your goals in a way that allows daily fulfillment & satisfaction. We will get your mindset & develop the perfect system to get you from going to dreamer to achiever. 

I get it. I’ve been there. And done that. I know the feeling of running in circles with no direction, trying to do everything only to be left with nothing to show for it.

I created my personal development lifestyle brand, Joselyn Martinez, Inc. because I know firsthand the feeling  that “something” is holding you back from reaching your full potential when everyone else around you seems to have the power to create a life of fulfillment you envision for yourself.

Raving Fans

Joselyn’s goal-setting workshop was full of insightful tips for jump-starting your goal planning and seeing them through. She definitely sets the tone to motivate and help swing your creative thoughts into action with her can-do attitude! I’d recommend this event to anyone looking for an extra push in getting started on setting and accomplishing your goals all while having some fun doing it!

Stacey G.

When I met Joselyn, my play was simply a vague idea, a concept. Her goal sheets helped me break down the play into scenes. After Joselyn’s workshop, I felt more empowered and less worried. Her words, goal sheets and the connections she drew with all women in the room, made me feel a real sense of community like my art mattered and was needed. By the time I was down with our one on ones and she had her first workshop, my play was complete. I did it! I sent my play out to be copy written. I then sent it out for a festival in the Summer and I got in!

Lorisse B.

You are doing a great service to your community. This is something everyone needs in their lives. Before this seminar, I would wake up and turn on the news and have my coffee, and with all the natural disasters going on, I would immediately feel overwhelmed with sadness. Now I pay attention to how I feel and ask myself: Would Joselyn be doing this? Nope…and I turn the TV off and start working on what’s important. I start working on my life.

Luimy B.

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