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I didn’t give my artistic passions a chance without a battle. I knew I wanted to make a positive difference in the world but had to overcome a few hurdles in order to realize my true potential.

I was an NYU Pre-Law student, on the fast track towards a “safe” career, ignoring my true passion for the arts. I thought: I didn’t work this hard in school so that I can be a “starving artist.” Besides, becoming a lawyer would help me with a secret personal mission; one that started when I was nine. One way or the other, opportunities in the performing arts kept showing up for me. I had decided to give my dream a shot and never looked back.

Yet there was always the feeling of something pending. My desire to find the person that took my dad’s life when I was nine years old. I felt as if I couldn’t move on if I didn’t do something.

Learning from all the books and resources I found available, I decided to take action. I contacted places that could help me in my path. Not getting any results, I decided to start the search myself. Twenty-six years later, thanks to technology, I found the man that murdered my father and he was arrested.

In an era where we are one Google search away from finding whatever we want, I realized that I didn’t have to wait for anyone or any entity to make anything happen. No matter what setbacks we have, or dysfunctional systems in society we have believed, we have the power to can create a life we love living.

I continue to enjoy this amazing journey towards self actualization, one that has gifted me with a fulfilling and fun career working and learning from some of the biggest actors in the industry. I am building a new business that inspires, encourages and teaches women to design their version of success.

If I’m not on a set near you, I can be found teaching women how to find their focus and solve their #ModernDayWomanProblems.

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Joselyn’s enthusiasm and positive outlook on achieving decide goals has motivated me to change my procrastination habits, and set forth a plan to reach my goals in a desired timeframe.

-Skarlent R, New York.-

Joselyn came into my life like the teacher I needed. I’ve become aware of the cycles of my creativity as a multi-talented person, and no longer feel badly if I haven’t worked on a project in a while. Joselyn is like a big sister who gave me just the right amount of creative spark that I needed.

I appreciate how much she values freedom, and the gentle ways she helps us hold ourselves accountable. Because of that, I felt at ease with going at my pace, which allowed me even more freedom to be creative.

– Lorisse B. –

Multi-Faceted Performer. Creative Lifestyle Designer.
Happiness Activist. New Yorker.
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