The Modern Woman Mastermind®

Are you ready to monetize your passions and expertise? Or looking to upgrade your mind & business to make more money and have more free time.

I’m your guide in designing a life and business you’re excited to wake up. 

Brand consulting, masterminds, courses, and planning tools for modern entrepreneurs ready to confidently create fulfilling lives and freedom based online businesses without signing up for burn-out.

Hey, I'm Joselyn!

I was once a beginner business owner and I know at this stage, it’s more than an idea or a business; right now, for you, it’s personal.

You want to make it all happen, if you only had more time or more money, you think.

I thought the same. What if I told you it isn’t all about that?

I remember staying up at night tossing and turning, wondering what my next steps would be when I started my first online business. I went from an NYU Pre-Law Student to a full fledged entrepreneur after graduation. I had taken a different path than expected and invested money in it. I was committed to making it work because I knew my life was meant for more and, I had invested a whole lot of time and money to back it up. 

I realized challenges would be inevitable and found a way to live a freedom filled life making money through my passions and expertise. 

It’s because of my experiences that I’m so passionate about working with other new and aspiring online based business owners. 

I built my business from scratch thanks to the unlimited power of creativity, social media, and my phone. I have the freedom to travel and spend time with loved ones when I please and if you read this far, I can help you do the same. 



“It’s your life and you have a right to design it as you please.”

The Modern Woman Mastermind®
Online Class
Designing a life you're excited to wake up to!

Are you an aspiring or new entrepreneur who doesn't know where to start feel like there is never enough time, let alone follow through with the so many ideas roaming around your head?
Or are you a business owner that feels like you need a life revamp and new energy after a life change?

The mastermind system will be your roadmap to get release what no longer serves you, get clear on what you want and focused so that you can let abundance in and get things done!

(Just $697 or three payments of $267)

Business Consulting & Coaching

Are you:
Ready to start making money leveraging your content?
Already an online entrepreneur ready to boost your growth and profit?
Looking for guidance on the next steps in life and business?
Feeling like you're stuck creating content with no return on your investment?
You’ll get a customized strategy based on your personal development and business needs so that you can use your time and energy to get results in life or business.

Speaking and Workshops

Looking to motivate or offer a personal development workshop for your team or organization?
Book me for Speaking!

Topics Include:
Goal Setting
Personal Branding
The Neuroscience of Entrepreneurship

Past Workshop Clients:
KPMG (Virtual),
Edelman (In-Person),
Barclays (In-Person).


My Courses

Transformative learning experiences are designed to guide you on your personal and professional growth journey so that you can see tangible results.

From workshops showing you how to generate more revenue to in-depth masterclasses on your business needs.  Each course is crafted with expertise and care to provide practical knowledge and actionable insights. 

Whether you’re looking to expand your skill set, advance your career, or explore new passions, our courses offer the tools and guidance you need to succeed.

The Modern Woman Mastermind
Executive Lounge ™

Imagine having continuous weekly support for your business…A place to call home so you don’t have to jump from coach to coach.

You meet me virtually weekly with fellow businesswomen who are committed to reaching their first 5, 10k months or doubling their current revenue. 

Step into the full potential of your business with our prestigious boot camps, immersive masterclasses, and courses. Each one is meticulously designed to propel you toward a life and business you’re excited to wake up to! 


My Positioned to Sell Frameworks Options:

1 on 1 – 90Min Consultation

3-6 months of Private Coaching

VIP Day:  A day to map out your first 5-10k


Looking to motivate or
offer a personal
development workshop for your team or organization?

Past Workshop Clients:
KPMG (Virtual),
Edelman (In-Person)
Barclays (In-Person).


“I believe that no matter what dysfunctional systems of society you may have endured or believed, you have the power to create a life we love living.”

I often hear. I don’t know where to start Joselyn or I don’t feel ready because I have so much to do.
Get a modern life revamp and ignite your mindset with the Modern Woman Mastermind course!


mockup-of-two-8x10-books-featuring-an-alarm-clock-m26961 (4)

Maybe you’d like to start off a little smaller but you’re feeling like it’s a struggle to keep track of every little thing?

If so, The Modern Woman Planner is for you!

Its effective easy-to-use design will introduce you to planning and tracking your goals by quarter, making them much simpler to accomplish!

Longing for more freedom, flexibility, and joy?

Allow me to guide you on a mini journey of reclaiming your life with these free downloads and get an instant dose of inspiration – even in the midst of a busy schedule.

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