Quick question: Do you ever find yourself saying, “I wish I had more time,” or “I can never find time to start that new project or routine?”

Did you know clutter could be why you never find the time or find it hard to stay on a task? Yeah! Clutter! As the brain tries to sort every piece around you, it’s bound to get overworked! If you’re feeling like a hamster on a wheel trying to catch up and cannot pinpoint what’s happening, you might be experiencing the overwhelming feeling caused by the brain’s attempt to process too many things at once. Our brain is highly affected by visuals, and clutter limits its ability to process information because it is exposed to various visuals simultaneously.  Put simply, the brain has to process everything it sees and can be overworked while trying to process so much.  This is how it could be taking a toll on your productivity.

Even when you’re just walking through your office, bedroom, or home area, your brain unconsciously scans everything in your eyesight. This can be overwhelming, and it’s why you can’t gather the energy to start something new.

You’re not alone with clutter. This is VITAL to mention because when we have clutter, it’s easy to assume it’s a personal “flaw.” That’s far from the truth.

People keep things for many reasons, like sentimental value, organizing purposes, anxiety,  depression, or simply because they don’t want to throw them away. No matter the reason, decluttering your space can help you enjoy the benefits of organization and feel less overwhelmed.

A study titled “Lost & Found by a smart location app called “Pixie” has pointed out that the average American will spend 2.5 days a year looking for misplaced items! How many times have you lost keys, wallet, phone, remote, etc.? And how long did it take to find them?

I was right there with you, losing my keys, followed by a frantic search as I rushed out the door. Losing my keys around my home became the norm. I was tired of being late because of the key issue and decided to find a solution. But I never realized the effect clutter had until I learned to question why I kept the things I wasn’t using. I went through a journey that unimaginably changed my life, and now I have helped others do the same. I also rarely lose my keys at home.

How Does Clutter Affect Us?

When our brain is overloaded with visuals, it can cause a great deal of stress and affect our ability to process information. It’s like having too many tabs on your computer – it limits your productivity and makes you anxious. We all want to finish projects quickly and use our time effectively, but when clutter piles up, we find ourselves in a catch-22. We know we need to declutter, but then we waste valuable time away from doing productive work.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – following the tips below, you can declutter your space, get organized quickly, and start feeling the benefits of reframing what you keep in your home and mind space.

Reducing clutter can help clear your head, reduce stress, and increase efficiency.

“Let Me Clean First Before Starting That Project”

Have you ever needed to do something like a project or task, but suddenly you get the urge to clean up your area first? It’s like you need it to be perfect before focusing on the task at hand.

You’re stuck between wanting to have it ALL clean first and not wanting to clean it because it will take your time.

You end up spending MORE time thinking about it, and that’s where the analysis paralysis kicks in. Suddenly, you notice time has passed, but nothing has been done. The indecision was too much.

The first time I recognized this as a thing was in the movie “Adaptation (2002), where Nicholas Cage, playing a writer, can’t focus until he picks up every piece of paper or mess around his home.


I knew, right then, right there, I was not alone.


Then I thought back to all the moments I have wanted to do something but felt stuck because I started thinking of all the things around the home I wanted to do, the items I needed to part with but couldn’t.

The analysis paralysis was because I knew deep down that clearing that out would mean going to the past, stealing my present time by figuring out what to do with the items I no longer wanted. On top of that, it would trigger my allergies.

It all made sense, though. When I began learning the basics of the human brain and how to use our time and brain power more efficiently, I found the information I was looking for.

The brain is HIGHLY affected by visuals, as pointed out above. Clutter not only inhibits our ability to process information, but it causes stress and anxiety.

Therefore, decluttering before you start a big task is highly beneficial! It’s like clearing the table in your mind and being able to focus on what matters. By getting organized and tackling stuff clogging our workflow, we can use our time more effectively and be productive.

Trust me when I say that clutter takes up valuable time and energy – something we could use for other meaningful tasks. Give it a try, and you won’t regret it! 


How to Start Decluttering Today

Are you ready to start decluttering? Then let’s get started! 

If you want to ensure you’re prepared, consider what items in your life no longer serve you and commit to designing the life you want – not just accepting what already exists. 

Make sure to schedule some time in your calendar so that you can tackle this project head-on. If you want help, grab my decluttering worksheets to make it easy!

I suggest dedicating time to one area, like your closet. – it often holds many items we don’t need or even remember. So go ahead and sort through what is in there and make three piles: 

  • items you want to keep, 
  • items you want to get rid of or donate,
  • and things you’re not sure about yet.

Clearing clutter can have physical benefits too! As space-clearing expert Karen Kingston says, “Clearing clutter releases huge amounts of energy in the body. When you get rid of everything in your life that has no real meaning or significance, you feel lighter in the body, mind, and spirit.”

Take the first step towards decluttering your life today and enjoy the freedom that comes with it. Get all the help you need from my decluttering worksheets created especially for the Modern Woman Mastermind Academy®. Click here to get them sent to your inbox. Start your journey now and walk into 2023 with a fresh perspective (and space). You won’t regret it! 

I hope you find the freedom of decluttering as liberating as I did. Enjoy the process!

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