Are you ready to unlock the secrets to a happier and more fulfilling life? Sometimes it is the easiest of things that we find the hardest to do. We are creatures of habit after all! There is more to it, but for today I felt inspired to share 5 things I wish I’d done sooner to live a happy (and fulfilling) life.

Let’s get right to it:


  1. I learned how to stop drama Queens or Kings dead in their tracks.

This means I stopped being a problem solver for people that always had a problem. This means no more answering to frantic calls of irrational behavior within family and friends. Period.

I have more to say on this but I have to keep this short. Think about your life now. Do you have what Julia Cameron calls a crazymaker? ​


  1. I made choices based on what I wanted to do and not what other people wanted me to do.

This doesn’t mean I don’t get advice or ask questions to get others’ input. It means I don’t put my confidence down by second-guessing what I really want to do. Do you ever have an idea and it seems like a specific person wants to move you away from it? They could be “debaters” by nature. No matter what you say they always want to steer you in another direction.

Your idea comes back into focus, but again the debater comes in to steer you away from it for no real reason.


  1. I discovered my values.

This exercise is life changing (so much that I included it in the Modern Woman Mastermind program) If you don’t know your values, you will fall into situations, relationships, etc…with the wrong people. Sometimes it’s not about others being wrong. It’s just that your values aren’t the same.


  1. I stopped wasting time in relationships that were not aligned to my values.

Time is so valuable and the age we are now will never come back to us. I urge the ladies in their 20s and 30s to be very intentional with what they want, so that they don’t waste valuable years in toxic relationships that will bring no value and only memories of anguish,  regretting not getting  your time back.


  1. I Discovered my worth

Perhaps this one is tied into the other four. Discovering our worth leads us into having a more fulfilling life. Validation won’t come from outside because you will know your own worth. Discovering my worth won’t allow me to take part in drama because successful people don’t waste time with such nonsense.


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