You have the power to create a life and profitable business you love.

And I’m here to show you how! 

Brand consulting, masterminds, courses, and planning tools for modern entrepreneurs ready to confidently create fulfilling lives and profitable businesses.

Tell me if any of these thoughts sound familiar…

→ Getting my life figured out and reaching my full potential would be SO much easier if only I had more hours in the day.

→ My happiness and success seem like they’re completely out of my control.

→ How are all of these other entrepreneurs achieving so much so quickly, and why am I still struggling?

If your answer is “ugh, yes” or “wow Joselyn, have you been spying on me?” then you are sooo in the right place! ❤️️

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Hi! I’m Joselyn.

And I’m on a mission to inspire, encourage, and teach women like you to design their own versions of success.

I’m a sassy, nerdy, first-generation Dominican-American entrepreneur based in NYC (originally from Washington Heights, baby!), and I’m here to equip modern women with the mindset shifts and the systems they need to thrive in life and business in this noisy, messy, distraction-filled world.

 From the time I was little, I knew I wanted to be an actress, a singer, and a person who helps people.

I’ve always been obsessed with creativity and freedom.

But there’s one big event that shaped my entire life: my dad was murdered when I was 9 years old, and his killer fled the country. I’ve always had this strong desire to succeed and overcome any obstacles that came my way, but obviously, losing my dad stuck with me.

In 2000, I graduated from NYU with a degree in Political Science and Latin American Studies. By 2005, I was recording albums, going on auditions, and acting in commercials. Still, I felt an intense drive to find justice for my father.

After spending  25 years waiting for “someone” to do something — including turning to police and media for help and getting nowhere — I decided to take it upon myself to get justice for my dad. “I’m just gonna freakin’ do it,” I decided.

So I did — I tracked down the man who killed my father, and in 2014, he was finally arrested. I know I have my love for personal development to thank, because without it, I would never have been brave or confident enough to embark on that journey. 

Meanwhile, I’d built the career I wanted and I was happy with my accomplishments. I recorded a Latin pop album, appeared in commercials and print ads for brands like HBO and McDonalds, worked as a stand-in for A-list actresses, and was quickly eligible to enroll in SAG-AFTRA (a big deal in the performing arts world!). I was even celebrated as one of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Fun Fearless Females for the work I did surrounding my dad’s case.

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online business consultant

But still, I kept feeling like life was passing me by. 

Working as an actor meant I was always waiting for the next casting call or audition. I felt like I never had any real control over my life or my work. Then, while on-set, I’d usually be working 12 – 14 hours a day, meaning I never had enough time to work on the goals that meant the most to me.

I knew I was destined for more.

I thought back to my dad and how the story of my quest for justice made a difference — and made headlines around the world. I hadn’t had to wait for anyone. So why was I still spending my life waiting for those “someones” and “somethings”?

I founded Joselyn Martinez Inc. because I know firsthand what it feels like to think that other people hold the power — that we can’t create the lives we envision for ourselves because “something” is stopping us from reaching our full potential.

We all have setbacks. Society is full of dysfunctional systems. Still, each of us has the power to create a life — and a business — we love.

Is rising above it all even possible? Yes — I’m living proof that it absolutely is. You just need the right mindset and tools to get there. 

The only “someone” or “something” that holds the power is you.


How can we work together? 


What I Offer

The Modern Woman Planner

Feeling like it’s a struggle to keep track of things. Maybe a simple and easy to use planner is what you are looking for. Click to learn more and get your copy!

Designed to help you think of Quarterly Goals, thus making them easier to accomplish.

The Modern Woman Mastermind™

In this 4 week mastermind, you’ll learn how to focus and prioritize, especially when things seem like they are all over the place. You will learn how to thrive rather than simply survive. and be proactive rather than reactive.

Fun Facts About Me

Preserving my dad’s legacy and memory is important to me.

Photo credit: New York Times. 

I attended an all-girls high school. That’s part of how I became so passionate about inspiring, encouraging, and teaching women how to navigate modern-day problems and create success on their own terms.

Music is in my blood — I love to sing (Mezzo-Soprano here), and I’ve loved it ever since I was a tiny chica.

I get my joie de vivre- my enjoyment for life,  from my mom. 

My office assistant, Joey the Cutie, is a super-smart orange cat with his own Instagram fandom. He’s trained to use a human toilet!

Speaking of joie de vivre, I’m in a long-term, passionate love affair with everything Paris.

 Professional Bio

Joselyn Martinez is a NYC-based creative entrepreneur, lifestyle designer, and CEO of Joselyn Martinez Inc., a chic personal development brand aimed at helping busy corporate and entrepreneurial women ready to transition into a life of personal fulfillment and thrive in the modern world.

Through lifestyle workshops, digital courses, 1 on 1 consultations, and her signature program The Modern Woman Mastermind, Joselyn exposes the erroneous idea that one must choose between societal demands and personal happiness, and helps participants design a life plan that allows for more personal freedom and peace of mind.

Joselyn Martinez Inc. provides support, accountability and community, and is committed to helping professional women to feel more at ease and accomplished in their everyday lives.

A first-generation Dominican American from NYC (Washington Heights, to be exact), Joselyn always had big dreams: of being an actress, a singer, a person that helps other people.


She has achieved it all. Joselyn has recorded an all Latin Pop CD, and can be seen in numerous commercials and print ads for various brands including HBO, Walmart, McDonald’s, and Verizon. She’s also worked as Jennifer Lopez’s double and stand-in for the hit series Shades of Blue and other films.

Her education as an NYU Pre-Law student helped her research her Dad’s murder (which happened when she was only 9 years old). Through her unwavering desire and tenacity, she was able to locate the man who murdered her father and bring him to justice.

The story has been seen in Newsweek, marieclaire, NY Daily News, NY Post and New York Times, as well as on ABC’s Good Morning America, Telemundo, CNN with Poppy Harlow, Live with Piers Morgan, and on Univision: Aquí y Ahora, and celebrated by Cosmopolitan Magazine as a “Fun and Fearless Female!” She is currently working on a book detailing her experience. In 2020, Joselyn launched the Modern Woman Planner, a 90-day goal-setting tool, backed by supporters who covered publishing costs on an Indiegogo Campaign.

For fun, Joselyn engages in a multitude of mindfulness practices including Krav Maga and Yoga, indulging in funny memes on social media, and a toilet-trained cat named Joey.

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