One of my favorite daily emails comes from Daily Worth. My bff sent me an email from them and I’ve been a fan since. Their daily emails are tailored to provide information for  women’s current financial needs.

Today’s Daily Worth’s email contained an article by Katie Karlson. Titled: “Having a Bad Day? Put the Wallet Away.” 

I had a feeling I knew were they were going with that. Karlson writes:

Does this sound familiar? You feel fried after a long day at work. You stop in the bathroom on your way out of the office, get one look at your sallow complexion, and the next thing you know you’re dropping $100 on “skin-brightening” makeup.

Daily Worth goes on to describe the 3 most common spending triggers and how to beat themFor the full article, click here

To sign up for their daily emails go to: www.dailyworth.com

Have you signed up? Let me know what you like about them or have learned in the comments below.

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