M.A.C.Did you now…. you could get a discount at M.A.C. cosmetics stores if you are a member of any union in the entertainment industry; or if you have a professional headshot or pictures of your work in the industry?

I’ve been getting a discount at M.A.C. for a few years since I found this out . Membership is $35 a year for  performing artists and the discount for purchases is 30 percent. Makeup artists get 40 percent off the products when they are M.A.C Pro members. For information on what you need to qualify, what your fee would be, what type of discount and all about membership, click on the link below:


As far as I know, the discount can only be used at M.A.C. stores and at their stands in department stores.

Also, if you accumulate 6 empty containers from M.A.C you get a free gift. I got myself the “Shy girl” lipstick last time I recycled my containers.



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