Last year, I went to Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic for the first time and I can’t wait to go back. If you are one of the few people that do not like going into the Ocean because you think of all the critters that exist in it, those  you can’t readily see, this is the place for you. Do you claim to love the beach and then make a big deal about going into the water because there are tons of scary little beings that live in it? Some of those you’ve only seen on the Discovery Channel and after watching a Sunday night episode you are left wondering how on Earth such an ugly little creatures even exist in the first place?

Fast forward to your vacation, you are relaxing by the beach and wonder, is that little critter in there? Which one? The one you watched on that Sunday night Discovery episode when you weren’t planning on it. Will it bite me and then I will end up with that horrible flesh eating disease all because I forced myself to have some fun in the Sun? Maybe that is not you, maybe it is just me, but my point is (and I do have a point) that there is no need to worry about that in the Beach at Las Terrenas. It is so clear that you can see your feet. But just a disclaimer here: If something happens it is not my fault. Not like I went to every single little part of the beach. The beach were you can see your feet at the other end of the water is the perfect beach for me. Even if I  feel some algae around your feet here and there and start screaming thinking it was a  tiny Octupus wrapping around my leg that will tie me down into the Ocean and drag me in, it’s ok.

As for the restaurants and nightlife, I loved it too. There is a strip of bars and restaurants in an area called Los Pescadores (the fishermen). I visited a restaurant called El Colonial twice. The food was great and so was the view to the ocean. All of the restaurants in the area have two entrances (one being on the board walk and the other on the street). Below are some pictures. I know, I wore heels to some of the beach joints, leave me alone. It’s my vacation. There is also a late night club with great caribbean music. I must warn you, they can dance, the foreigners can dance. Apparently there are about three or four good schools of dance in the area and let me tell you these tourists are getting their Bachata class money’s worth. So I warn you, do not judge them by their looks. They can dance! Wish I could remember the name of the place I went to but I can’t. Just ask around. Ha. I hope that teacher that was arrested in front of us out of nowhere is back to work. I wouldn’t worry about that. No biggie. Party went on as usual. At least for me it did. Oh, and if you love dogs, they are all over the place. An added treat for me. For more info on all the geographical stuff that I don’t know how to explain, here it goes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Las_Terrenas


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