To remind myself there are always things to be Thankful for. This is a short list. What are yours?

1. For my voice. I was the shy kid that finally spoke up against injustice.

2. For courage and those that surround me with it.

3. All the new people and friends I have met this year.

4. For Pizza. ūüôā

5. Resourcefulness. I might take that word to a new level.

6. For the people that are not afraid to take a stand for those that can’t.

7. For her “I’ve got your back attitude,” my mom.

8. For the birds that chirp by my windows in the morning.

9. For laughter. To be able to laugh at all times.

10. For the voice that wants to sing…and will.

11. For family.

12.For my late cat Misu. How he lived 18 years with me is still a mystery.

13. For all the cat videos and pictures posted on my FB wall everyday.

14. For the people that have compassion.

15. For the people that have come to aid our family when we needed them.

16. For health.

17. For the abundance in creativity.

18. For having a home.

19. For having the opportunity to help causes whenever I can.

20. For the good neighbors. Ha!

21. For the beauty in nature.

22. For the simple pleasures.

23. For Chocolate and wine too. Yes. Wine.

24. For the skip stop days on the Subway.

25. For strength.

26. For writing this post even when I did not want to.

 Happy Thanksgiving friends.


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