Film & Tv

Hi I’m Joselyn

I’m a NYC based, actress and singer.

I’ve also recorded an all Latin Pop CD, had my voice on a Grand Theft Auto video (club girl) and worked on my first feature.

Head Shots


US Department of Health & Human Services

Agency Work: McDonalds


Voice Overs


On Set With

Jennifer Lopez & Ray Liotta

Working on Shades Of Blue.

About Joselyn

I didn’t give my artistic passions a chance without a battle. I knew I wanted to make a positive difference in the world but had to overcome a few hurdles in order to realize my true potential.

I was an NYU Pre-Law student, on the fast track towards a “safe” career, ignoring my true passion for the arts. I thought: I didn’t work this hard in school so that I can be a “starving artist.” Besides, becoming a lawyer would help me with a secret personal mission; one that started when I was nine. One way or the other, opportunities in the performing arts kept showing up for me. I had decided to give my dream a shot and never looked back.


Interested in working with me?



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