The Modern Mastermind 5-day Course

Press the reset button on the post-pandemic slump so that you get re-inspired to do the things you love and learn the mind hacks to help you take action.

Joselyn Martinez High Line

A 5-DAY course to learn how to:


  • Reset your life when it’s time for a change
  • Use your brain’s power to bring more joy and fulfillment
  • Get out of burnout mode & see it coming for next time
  • Stop treating distractions as a priority

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* Top five must-haves to achieve your goals: Includes five reasons to look out for that could block you from reaching them.

* Decluttering Checklist: Clear your head, reduce stress, and focus on your goals by decluttering your space.

* Goal Setting Worksheet: Create a clear vision. Develop a strategy. Take action!

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If you have been feeling like you’re always running in circles doing one thing after the other hoping at the end you will find time for yourself…

It’s time for a reality check. I know. I hate that phrase too! But please hear me out. 

You’re smart and talented. You’re an overachiever. Deep down you know you have what it takes. So why are you feeling like this is not how life was supposed to be? 

What is the secret formula? you might ask. 

You’re not alone. It’s a common thing right now as we shift into a new world and a new way of being.

I’ll give you a hint though, all the manifestation talk on IG is great but what about when you are trying to manifest and it isn’t manifesting!! 

We are all manifestors, and we are also in a real-world that requires real action.

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