People Will Try to Silence You

At school, at work, at home…and you will try to silence you.

It is World Voice Day 2015. Yep, there is a day for that too. How timely is this for me? As I have been recently reflecting on how using my voice or not has made the biggest difference in my life, I receive a blog post yesterday by celebrity vocal coach & artist development expert Cari Cole titled: World Voice Day – the Motto is Voice: the Original Social Media. My jaw dropped, a little, which is good for the voice by the way, because just a few days before, I was talking about how I’d love to inspire and motivate others to use their voice and needless to say I love social media and the internet.

This immediately caught my attention, Cari writes:

“…before there was social media or media, there was the voice. People spoke in town squares, then came newspapers, followed by radio, then television, then the internet. If we were stripped of it all, we’d be right back to where we started. But regardless of the medium, it’s still the power of the voice to reach people.”

Do you stand up and speak out? Or do you sit in your chair and swallow what you think? Some of us are naturally better at speaking up than others. It depends on whether we are used to doing it or not…”

I was that kid that would sit in a chair and swallow what I thought. How I marveled at those that would stand up for themselves when I was growing up. I’d daydream about having the courage as well. Well, wait, actually, now that I think about it, I didn’t have to daydream because every so often this very quiet, shy child would stand up to either a bully or that third grade teacher that tried to force me to drink the lunch milk. Heck was that about? I don’t know. She said it was good for me. Well I showed that teacher alright because I told my grandma. That’s another story.

So, I’ll re think this. I did stand up for myself, but in most instances when I finally did, I had already endured way too much crap. This is why I think Cari Suggests:

Don’t hold back

“Holding back your natural expression causes stress and anxiety. This week figure out a way to express yourself more in small doses. The next time you’re in a situation that you feel you can’t say what you think, try to not hold it back.”

And that right there is key. Tis why I am a copying and pasting. Might as well. It’s perfect. It took a very long time for me to stop being shy. Once I noticed on just how much I was missing out due to my shyness, I took steps to speak up. No one would have thought that one of my favorite classes in college would be Public Speaking and that I got an A at that! Yay! I was making progress.

Feeling more comfortable, I started allowing my singing voice out more and accepting the compliments about having a good voice. This led me into the performing arts and before I knew it I was in commercials and dancing on stage. Some of this I am just realizing as I write. Even in the music environment I found myself having to speak up and allow the music that wanted to be created to come out.

Though I made steps towards using my voice, I was being pushed further. Could I stand up against injustice. It didn’t matter I was singing or using my voice in a certain way, my heart would tug at me reminding me of my silence. Could I speak about what happened to my dad as a result of violence? As difficult as it was, it turned out I could, and I did. You can read get more info here.

What led me to that?
At some point I said, do it or do not do it at all. Your soul knows it will not stop trying to push you in that direction so it is best you speak that truth because it will not go away. The truth is the truth and even in silence it speaks to you. I was free. I didn’t have to think it, or imagine it anymore. The stress and anxiety caused by the silence was lifted. I didn’t have to carry the silence anymore.

Others before us have courageously spoken for themselves and for us when we couldn’t. We would watch them on television or in the paper. I, for one, saved tons of inspirational stories in the hopes that one day I could speak up too. I am thankful for that. While watching others use their voice sometimes reminds us of how much we are not using ours, it also inspires us to use ours. In so doing, we free ourselves up to allow our voice to shine in other areas.

If something is tugging at you just dying to get out. Let it out. It doesn’t matter how silent you are now, you have the voice within you.

My goal in honor of World Voice Day is to use my voice as I was meant to do. To continue working on my voice and share it with the World and inspire others as I have been.

Leave a comment below on how you plan on using your voice, how your voice has helped you or how you’re using it now.

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