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Imperfect Blogging Challenge, Assignment #9: Write about something in your place that has sentimental value:

Look around your place and select an item that has a story. It could be anything – a family heirloom, grandma’s wedding ring, a painting. Tell us the back story of this item.

  • Where did you get it?
  • How long have you had it?
  • What does it mean to you, your family, your brand?
  • Why are you telling the story of this item?
  • EVERYTHING has a story.

It’s the Piano! That was easy. I can’t believe I went around wondering what I really value. I am no longer attached to jewelry or most material things so nothing else came to mind. The piano though, is the one thing I would not like to part with. It must be a bit over thirty years old, assuming I got it shortly after it was made.

My dad bought it for me so that I could take piano lessons when I was around six or seven. I was a kick that actually loved piano lessons. I remember a few  Saturday mornings when I would wake up my parents with what I thought was a Symphony. For the most part I played notes all over the place and ran my fingers from one end of the keys to the other. Mom always said it sounded so good. Eventually I learned to play a few Bach and Mozart pieces. I’ve forgot how to play all of the pieces I learned except Fur Elise. I love Beethoven. Who forgets that one though? In case you don’t know it, check it out here.

After a couple of years of lessons, the piano teacher took me to a competition at Juilliard. I did well but then after moving from NYC to New Jersey it became difficult for my piano teacher to go all the way across the bridge, take a bus and then walk. I was slowly losing interest in continuing. I must have taken a huge break after my father’s death and then it was hard to start again and enjoy it. I didn’t see the point anyway.

Many years later I realized that learning to play opened up my mind to create melodies and write songs I eventually recorded. Through the years I tried to pick it up again but between the old angry lady that yelled at students at a very known school and the “conservatory” with pianos missing keys, I decided to give it a rest.:) I do not want to be a pianist, nor was it ever my intention. Do I wish I continued to play longer? Probably but I’m good with songwriting and using my voice…which reminds me, I am looking forward to doing way more of that.


Just having found this piano version of Fur Elise brought back nice memories. I think I’ll add the video clip right in here! Enjoy.

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