Day 1 28 blog challengeIt is day one of the 28 Day Imperfect Blogging Challenge and I am thriving in the agony of procrastination. I signed up for this…

Then I forgot it started today. It is a Sunday! Like I had something better to do but it is still a Sunday nonetheless and that means something. I have done a bunch of nothing today but that nothing is very important; it carries the idea of blogging and now that I have 20 minutes left to the end of the day and that Scandal episode I was watching on Itunes froze five minutes away from the ending, I decide it is the perfect time to do the blog. I am still thinking about how to fix the download issue on Episode 6 of Scandal for Season 3 and I won’t go to sleep until I fix it but I had to do the blog first. This is why a challenge is great. So, thanks Vicky Ayala for creating it.

Anyway, let me get to it. Our assignment is to write what Shakespeare’s “To Thine Own Self Be True” means to us…or me. (Now I have 15 minutes left to complete this blog and make it on time.  When the agony of procrastination becomes exciting). Then select four words that correspond with the word SELF.

Damn, I’m stuck and the clock is ticking. Even more exciting. My desperation will lead to honesty. At the end of the day, and it is, for me, in this case, be honest with yourself. Myself. We have to start somewhere and that is the base. Ok, I am done trying to figure that part of the assignment out. It is Shakespeare after all.  Moving along…


Strong: If you are going to live in this World, you might as well be. Mentally and physically would come in handy too. It is a given. We all have strength or we would have not made it as far as being born.

Expressive: I couldn’t come up with a better one but this is fitting for now. At least I speak with my hands and eyes. That falls in that category.

Loyal: Loyalty. That is a big one. If I am not loyal to anything, then I have nothing. I will hold you by the same standard. Loyalty to friends, family, that is important.

Fun: ….and according to Cosmopolitan’s 2013 December issue…Fearless (more on that here):  It is important to have fun while we are in this together. Might as well enjoy the ride. I can have fun in the most dreadful circumstances. Maybe it’s the slight existentialist ideas that run through my mind which make me laugh at the absurdity of life.

I am five minutes away and I made it. If you want to join or know more about the Blogging Challenge, click here: www.imperfectblogging.com








S: Strong,

E: Expressive

L: Loyal

F: Fun


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