The plot thickens. The damn plot always thickens. As much as we loooooove to see the plot thicken in movies, books…anything. We just don’t like it when it happens to us. We can’t get enough of TV shows or movies with interesting plot twists yet we don’t like it when it happens to us. Why is that? It is a challenge after all. Granted, some challenges are worse than others but still, we don’t like plot twits very much do we? Well that’s assuming they are bad.

One of my favorite movies is “Fun with Dick and Jane,” (I like the weirdest movies). The story is about a couple that loses everything and their attempt to survive all of the misfortunes that fall upon them. The things that happens to this “perfect family” is absurd and their attempts at getting through it is hilarious. I have seen life do that to us. So instead of fighting it….

I went ahead and thickened my own plot way back when I was in college. I was so excited to have been accepted into NYU’s College of Arts and Science. I was one of the people that really wanted to go there because of the Cosby show. I knew I no longer wanted to be a Veterianian. (Still love animals by the way, but not the blood). I was a Pre-Law student majoring in Political Science and Latin American Studies. I knew everything I wanted and that I would be married with kids by the age of thirty. Yeah right. Not only did I decide I no longer want to be a lawyer, I also decided I liked the independence of not being tied down. Well maybe the boyfriends didn’t work out and that had twists on their own but let me say I like the independence. It sounds really good to write that instead.

Somewhere during my Sophmore year I had the opportunity to join a girl band that required traveling, performing live and on TV. At first I said, no way. Then I thought about it. What did I have to lose? Didn’t I want to sing in the first place? Yeah, when I was like, 7 but things changed. What really changed what the other plot twists that take us away from pursuing or allowing what we really want. I wanted to be “realistic.” It is not my fault that my dream followed me. I remember some friends and family trying to analyze the whole thing and tell me it was a bad idea. Somehow they knew better than me. No. I joined the band. I met great people and still have a great friend because of it. The funny stories we have to share from our travels, TV appearances and  random arguments are numerous. After a year and another plot twist, the band fell apart. Yay! This is why it is a yay: I get to go back to college. Leaving college was never an option and just when I got the nerve to tell the manager I was ready to go back to school (since my leave of absence was up) he told me the band was not going to continue.  I got away with it! With doing both things. I am so happy to have reconsidered my initial decision of not even going to the casting and joined the band or I would have never had that great experience.

Some time after going back to school I met a Latino talent manager in the same building I was working in. I loved my first office job. It allowed me to go to castings and school of course. It was my boss that mentioned me to the talent manager to begin with! Those are plot twists that we like. Not all plot twists are created equal. After a few more semesters I got the courage to admit I wanted to be an actress and singer instead. I wanted to continue doing the print work, voiceover work and commercials I was getting. I went with that twist and I am very happy with it. I couldn’t live a life of asking myself, what if. I couldn’t.

I know we think we can control so much but we don’t even have that choice from the beginning. We are sort of placed here. That’s a creepy thought. We are other people’s creation and then one day we show up on Earth. This plot twist assignment reminds me of something a spiritual teacher said (and I am paraphrasing). If it is in our nature to enjoy games and love the feeling when we go from one challenge to the next till we reach the top, then why are we complaining about the challenges-twists in our lives? Isn’t that what we want? If we played a game and there was no opposition or no way to move up in levels, we would not play. It’s the game of life. 🙂


*Note: This blog is day 6 of a 28 day #ImpefectBlogging Challenge by Vicky Ayala

Our assignment was to write about a Plot Twist in our lives. “These are the moments in your life where you can clearly identify a change in direction, a radical shift. Plot Twists are defining moments, neither good nor bad. They serve as reminders that imperfect journeys make the most interesting stories.”

More on the challenge here.

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