I was so sad to read on www.Racked.com that one of my favorite designers, Betsey Johnson, is closing all NYC stores. I don’t know about the other stores across the country because my attention went into the Liquidation Sample Sale flyer. I sigh remembering how unique Betsey Johnson’s pieces have always been. I remember finding a New Year’s dress at the designer’s store in the Garden State Plaza Mall years ago when all other stores had failed. Betsey Johnson’s dresses seemed to make room for curves and I loved that.  I also found another favorite Betsey Johnson dress at the Soho store; this one was black and had a vintage, roaring 20s touch. Wait a minute, the leopard print shoes I wore to my last photo shoot were Betsey Johnson! That was a recent purchase. So are my favorite bright blue shoes! Can’t this be stopped? Lobbying or something? Ok fine, maybe not.

Here are the leopard Print shoes by Betsey Johnson:

Betsey Johnson Shoes

Oh well… moving along, I’m over it because I am super excited about the Sample Sale. Gotta be there bright and early. BRIGHT AND EARLY.

The links below is where I got the flyer and story from. Click on them for more info:





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