January 26th, always a cold day or snowy day in NYC but have to make it fun nonetheless. There are times I just run off to the DR for my birthday, like last year, and of course, that’s when NYC had nice mild temperatures.  Four about 5 years, I’ve kept my birthday celebrations Uptown so that it is close to most people I know and  that way we can manage through a surprise blizzard or not be too turned off by the coldest day of the year.   Also, with all of the venues we have in Washington Heights and Inwood, the days when going downtown were the only option are long gone.

This past Saturday, I celebrated by birthday at Altus Cafe for the first time. I’ve had dinner there before but never had a party. I totally recommend it.

The venue provided Balloons, thank God, because walking with balloons or putting them in a car drives me nuts. You have a trick for that?  It always seems like they’re trying to slap me. I slap them back. Anyway, the black,white and gray balloons were perfect. As the guests arrived, the staff was super attentive and provided us with a personalized menu. Attention to detail is always appreciated and in my opinion, make all the difference. The appetizers and entrees were perfect. Every single person loved the food.

For a quieter space, I recommend the upstairs which is were I had a group of 15. I think up to 30 people fit upstairs comfortably. I also made it an early party; well, for us Uptowners anyway.  A 7 to 8 p.m. reservation on a Saturday is always better than after 10 p.m. when the place is getting packed. You shouldn’t be having dinner after 10 p.m. anyway! 🙂

After 10 p.m a DJ arrives so you can continue partying afterwards. The music during dinner was also a great selection of Latin pop and upbeat but soft on the ears music.

Here’s the website to Altus Cafe: http://altuscafe.com/

The cake and cupcakes were made by http://sassyssweets.tumblr.com A variety of Chocolate, Red Velvet and Rum cupcakes along with a Vanilla Cake.

It was perfect. Thanks to all family and friends that attended and to Altus Cafe.

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