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Do you feel like you have a million things to do, and never enough time?

  • You find yourself starting a project or task only to end up scrolling through your Instagram feed looking for inspiration and somehow end up on Tik Tok?

  • Do you feel like time is passing you by and you are not where you thought you would be and feel you should have had it all figured out at this point in life?


  • Are you starting to get concerned that you will never get around to doing that thing you’ve always wanted to do, or that something is missing even if you can’t pinpoint it?


  • Do you feel like no matter what you read or try, you can’t get motivated enough?

I get it. I’ve been there!

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Hi, I’m Joselyn!

I know what it feels like to be a driven modern woman trying to get it all done and feeling like there is never enough time. Maybe one day it would all fall into place, you thought, but now you know better. The day is not coming. Not fast enough anyway and to top it off, it is adding daily stress to your life. It’s your seat to what I am calling:  #modernwomanproblems.

I am driven, smart and do the work so why did it feel like I wasn’t fully aligned with life as I envisioned it? Was someone stealing my time? I thought. I used to think that if I got everyone else’s needs out of the way first, I would finally have time for me. I had it all wrong.

I was determined to figure out how to stop going in circles and doing a lot but not seeing the results I envisioned. I didn’t like the feeling that life was passing me by without having reached some of my most meaningful goals! But I made it happen. I learned how to design a life of freedom, creativity and joy. 

It’s my pleasure to share with you the process I discovered to help myself and now help others going through the same situation.

Imagine you could…

– Feel the ease of having more than enough time to do the things that are important to you. 

– Trust your decisions are guiding you to reach your full potential in this lifetime. 

– Lead a proactive life where you know you make decisions that benefit you and those you care about. 

– Live a life of constant fulfillment because you follow through on your goals.

– Learn how your brain works to manage emotions, stress, and fear. 

– Engage with and learn from others that are also going through similar situations and are here to support you and want the best for you. 

The Curriculum …

Module 1: Clearing Out

Discover and learn about the benefits of clearing out your physical space and mental space.  Have you noticed the detrimental effects clutter has on your environment and mind? Do you wish you were more organized and not sure what to do with your “stuff.” Overwhelmed on where to start? Clutter can affect our sleep, stress levels, anxiety, and ability to focus. 

Identify + Clear the Clutter

Have you ever tried to clear the clutter yourself and can’t seem to finish? We underestimate the emotional and physical attachments we have to clutter. In this course, you will be guided in your process with worksheets and video so you know exactly how to declutter and the systems to keep it out for good. 

Discover Your Energy Drains

We become so used to energy drains that we may not notice them or their effects on our health. Constant stress depletes our ability to focus and get things done.

Learn the Systems to Eliminate Physical and Mental Clutter

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Module 2: Time

In this module, we will explore the tools and systems you can implement right now to make better use of your time and get to those things that will take your life to a different level. 

Whether you want to start a business, write a book, launch a product or start anything new, you’re going to need Time and you will have to learn success habits to do so. 

You’ll learn how to let go of the feeling of scarcity and open yourself up to the joy and satisfaction of accomplishing your goals. 

Identify your Priorities + Focus on You

In a world full of distractions we need to be clear on how time work and what you’d like your days to be filled with. 

Learn how to Measure Time!

Time is abstract, and we can develop unrealistic ideas and notions on how to use it because we can’t see it. 

In this Module, I will share the tools that have helped me end my time problem and fill it with satisfaction and fulfillment. 

Discover how to use Time Saving Techniques & Hacks.

Let’s explore your belief in time and shift it to one of abundance! 

Module 3:  Mindset & Brain Power

Thanks to modern technology, we have learned the inner working of our brains and how they work. Imagine the impact of discovering how your mindset shapes your decisions and life. Image learning how to use your brain’s higher power with simple techniques and mindset shifts? 

Learn about the Different Mindsets & their Importance

Learn the importance of the leading types of mindsets and the effects of your perspective on your life. What mindset are you working from? We will discover this in this Module. 

Identify Limiting Beliefs Holding you Back.

The worst part about limiting beliefs is that they live in our subconscious and we have a hard time recognizing them. How do you fix what you don’t know you have? In this Module, you will discover what your limiting beliefs are! 

Learn how to use Affirmations to Change Your Life.

Affirmations are a powerful tool in rewiring the brain to think and act differently. It’s just one way we can reframe our thinking and create a more fulfilling and inspiring life. 

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Module 4: Goal Setting & Achieving

Lifestyle Design at its best is in your hands. In this module, we will explore ways goal setting can help you create your ideal life. I’ll share how I set my goals and have shown hundreds of others to do so using the powerful tools of modern manifestation. 

Identify Your Goals + Get Clear on What you Really Want.

If you don’t know what you want, you will most likely end up somewhere else. My system of discovering what we really desire is eye-opening and inspiring. Feel the freedom of designing your life as you please. 

Develop an Easy Goal Setting Plan for Yourself.

Designing our lives is an individual practice that can be shared with others. Oftentimes we fail to plan, leaving things up “in the air.” When this happens, the world has a way of filling our lives up with other things we don’t necessarily desire. 

You’ll learn the system I use to create a plan to reach my goals. 

Learn the benefits of Goal Achieving on the Brain.

Want to get more “feel good” moments? Goal Achieving is undoubtedly one of them. You will learn why goal-achieving feels good and when it becomes stressful. Just taking the time to visualize and write out our desires, declarations, and visions will have tremendous benefits on our mood. 

Learn How to Track your Goals & Check In with Yourself.

Tracking our goals is important to feel the benefits of achieving the steps we said we’d take. It’s enjoying the journey to a full picture. Tracking can be easy and quick with the tools you’ll learn in this module. 

More details…

4 Pre-Recorded Modules on Clearing Out your physical and mental space. Time Management, Mindset & Goal Setting so that you can study at your own pace.

2 Live group sessions with me. Hop on Live with me in a private setting online to ask me your questions and chat with fellow participants.


Safe and Supportive Environment. We are in this together and collectively we want to reach our full potential.

Learn about the Tools & Systems I have used through the years to be more productive and feel free.


Carefully drafted and Inspiring prompts via Worksheets you can use digitally or print, so that you can track and work on you and your projects.

Special Bonus! 3 FREE months to the Mastermind Membership! You get to meet Monthly (virtually), on the first of the month and check in on your goals!

No matter what setbacks we have, or dysfunctional systems in society we have believed, we have the power to create a life we love living.”

Being in the Mastermind, is one of the best things I’ve done in a very, very long time.

Finally I learned how to prioritize. I learned what had to come first and what had to get done. I was doing a lot in my mind but I wasn’t taking action. I was doing a lot of nothing.

I’m so happy that I made the decision to take the mastermind because I have been able to manage my time now. I have a good balance. People ask me now, “how do you do everything?” This mastermind has been a blessing. Finally, I’m getting things done!

Omayra Jimenez

Bonus Gift:

3 Months of Membership to Private Community! 

This gives you the opportunity to show up for yourself on the first of the month for three months to track your progress and enjoy the community of like-minded women. 

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You are doing a great service to your community. This is something everyone needs in their lives.

Before this seminar, I would wake up and turn on the news and have my coffee, and with all the natural disasters going on, I would immediately feel overwhelmed with sadness.

Now I pay attention to how I feel and ask myself: Would Joselyn be doing this? Nope…and I turn the TV off and start working on what’s important. I start working on my life.

Luimy B.

As a business owner and mom of 3, I never feel I have enough time to get it ALL done. But one of my goals is to Do it All! I want to balance family life and my business successfully. So I was straining, working overnight on my business and then waking up tired to tend to my motherhood and household duties only to do it all over again.

Joselyn showed me that you can take control of your time. Eye-opener! She shares resources for planning, scheduling and organizing yourself that are incredibly helpful and simple to do. I have improved my life and business within the Joselyn Martinez community. Thank you!

Laura Diaz

Fashion Entrepreneur for moms to be.

The reason I joined the mastermind in 2019 was because I thought I was going through a mid-life crisis. I just wasn’t clear on what I wanted to do. I didn’t know where to start. Later on, I learned it was a life transformation and not a crisis!

I was very hesitant to join because I was afraid of being judged, however, joining was the best decision I made in 2019.

It was a very supportive group of women and we had more in common than we could have imagined.  I found the direction I was looking for. I improved my time management. I was able to regain self-confidence.

I can say there is a before and after having taken part in the mastermind, just in the way I go through life in general. Thanks Joselyn! 

Tania Segura

If you are a women that is super busy but yet has a desire to work on a goal. I highly recommend Joselyn’s Modern Woman Mastermind Workshop.

Prior to meeting Joselyn, I had an idea, a vision. But I was lacking guidance, motivation, and discipline. Honestly, without Joselyn’s help I would still be stuck with just the idea.

Joining the Modern Woman Mastermind group was exactly what I needed. I was able to focus, organize, and prioritize. With Joselyn’s weekly one-on-ones, consistent check-ins, and help developing an action plan, I’m so excited to say that I was able to successfully launch my podcast EVERYTHING WOMAN WITH MARILYN.”

Marilyn Salgado

We are in one of the most amazing moments in modern history to create the lives we desire. The Information age brings anything we need at our fingertips. 

I believe we can all strive to reach our fullest potential but the same tools that help us are also the distractions that keep us from living the life we dream of. This taps into our brain’s ability to focus and if we are not very intentional and learn systems that keep us on track, we will struggle with reaching our full potential. 

We can find ourselves in a constant battle to find time & simply be in the moment while going after our goals and dearest passions. 

For the last 15 years I’ve traveled the country, worked with some amazing leaders in my industry, and created the kind of lifestyle business that brings me and my clients happiness. I want to show you how to do the same!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to show up to weekly meetings?
No, this is a study at your own pace course. Additional bonus meetings are optional. For questions and masterminding sessions as well as expert guests.
Who will be part of the Mastermind Group?
Creatives & entrepreneurs like you working on a specific personal or professional goal for growth, support and community.
What if I don't have any time?
Then you definitely need this course. Module 2 on Time Management will help you learn how to manage yourself and goal setting with help you sort your priorities.
I've never taken a course like this, is that ok?
Yes, it is a great beginning course.
I'm not sure I could afford this, my budget is really tight right now.
There is a two part payment plan that can help you pay in two installments.
Do you offer refunds?
One day after the very first meeting, if you show proof of doing the work, and are not satisfied, you can get a refund. Please allow 30 days for processing.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

One of the biggest things I've learned as a performance artist is how to be self-disciplined and find creative ways to make anything happen.

I expose the erroneous idea that one must choose between societal demands and ours own personal hapiness to create a life that allows more freedom and peace of mind.

I believe that even with twists and turns we can still direct our life's script.

Didn’t get the answer to your questions?

Reach out and send me your questions, I’ll be happy to connect with you.

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