Ready to Slay your 2020 goals? 

If you are ready to commit to slaying your goals & creating the systems you need to make them happen, join the 6 week exclusive & accelerated Virtual Mastermind Group.

Space limited to 10 women. 

Ready to Mastermind?

Early Bird Pricing

Holiday Sale 25% off before January 1st! 

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“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.” -Napoleon Hill.

A New Year with New Possibilities.

What’s this about? 

It’s about meeting your goals and taking the time out to make them happen.

Year after year, people write down resolutions. Most don’t come to fruition. 


1st: Because there isn’t a plan. 

2nd: Because there isn’t clarity.

3rd: Lack of support/resources/accountability. 

In the six weeks we run the mastermind you will get clear on your goals (that’s a big one). Many people don’t get clear on them first! 

Then, we make a plan on how to make those goals happen (chances are you already have ideas but you lack some tools & the accountability that feels good). 

Interested? Read below!

What else?

Imagine you finally…

◈ Get focused on a particular goal you’d like to accomplish & feeling good about seeing the results.

◈ Set up the systems to help you succeed in your entrepreneurial journey or creative goal so you do not feel like you are not moving forward.

◈ Learn how to get your most important daily stuff off your to-do list first. 

◈ Feel like you have time to spare!

◈ Cross things off the to-do list that make you feel good. 

◈ Having a crew of fellow driven ladies cheer you on as they cheer you.  

◈ Learn that you are not alone in feeling like you never get to finish what you start or that you have too many open tabs at once!


◈ You get the beta course on Time-Management that will show you how to find time when you think you don’t have any.

◈ A favorite of past Masterminds: the decluttering videos so that you can clear out what no longer serves you & make room for the new.

◈ Pre recorded session with money coach with valuable lessons about money and mindset. (More info on the specific modules, below).

What they are saying!

“Being in the Mastermind, is one of the best things I’ve done in a very, very long time.

Finally I learned how to prioritize. What comes first. What I have to get done.

What is more important and what is coming next.

This mastermind has been a blessing.

Finally, I’m getting things done!

-Omayra Jimenez



“At times we get so overwhelmed on where to start.


Your course gives step by step on where to do just that. You know how much of a life saver that is? I have a new born and  I didn’t think I would be able to even start.
When I started your program I set aside 2 days of the week to tackle projects while the baby will nap. I was excited because if you really manage your time, all is possible. “
-Melanie Diaz
“Joselyn’s goal setting workshop was full of insightful tips for jump-starting your goal planning and seeing them through.

She definitely sets the tone to motivate and help swing your creative thoughts into action with her can-do attitude! I’d recommend this event to anyone looking for an extra push in getting started on setting and accomplishing your goals all while having some fun doing it!”

-Stacey Giambiastiani


Modern-Day Woman Introduction Group

Let’s just get it done!

6 weeks of Action, Support & motivation.

It drains us to keep a to do of dreams & things we just want to start or finish! Accountability is key when we need the push to get things done.

Sometimes it is more than that, we need other people that have mastered the same issues to guide us under the same values.

How it Works & What You Get

      The Mastermind is an intensive 6 week commitment. 

 Weeks/6 Live-Group Virtual Calls via Zoom

                     Your Welcome Includes: Meet- up Brunch on Sunday, January 5th (for Three Kings Day) at my home!    

  • Week 1: Tuesday,   January 14th       7:30pm   –  9:00pm EST

  • Week 2: Tuesday,  January  21st       7:30pm   –  8:30pm  EST

  • Week 3: Tuesday,  January  28st       7:30pm   –   8:30pm  EST

  • Week 4: Tuesday,  February 4th       7:30pm   –   8:30pm EST

  • Week 5: Tuesday,  February 11th      7:30pm   –   8:30pm EST

  • Week 6: Tuesday, February 18th      7:30pm   –   8:30pm EST

**** You can have a makeup day if you cannot attend one of the sessions. 

What else?

  • You will be provided Monthly & Weekly Planning Sheets to download. 
  • Having accountability is one of the quickest ways to accomplish your goals.
  • You will follow up weekly & stay in touch with your other amazing trailblazers.
  • Support/Connections/Resources
  • We will have a private chat group on Whatsapp.


THE BONUS MATERIAL: Pre-recorded: The Modern Day Woman Mastermind Academy  

Introduction: Setting your Intention 

Module 1: Setting the Stage for your Idea Life 

  • Making room for the new (decluttering at its best)
  • Discovering what no longer serves you.
  • The truth about time

Module 2: Knowing Yourself

  • The power in discovering your core values.
  • Discovering your amazing strengths

Module 3: Designing your Life 101

  • Getting Clear on what you really want.
  • Visualizing your ideal life.
  • Goal Setting Express, Planning out for the months and the year.

Module 4: Using your highest Power, the brain.

Bonus Modules


 Bonus:  Invitation to Private Membership once it opens. 

Let’s do This!

Early Bird Pricing

Holiday Sale 25% off before January 1st! 

Contact me for Promo Code at [email protected]

You know you’re not here to play small. 

Ready to Mastermind?

About Joselyn 

I didn’t give my artistic passions a chance without a battle. I knew I wanted to make a positive difference in the world but had to overcome a few hurdles in order to realize my true potential.

I was an NYU Pre-Law student, on the fast track towards a “safe” career, ignoring my true passion for the arts. I thought: I didn’t work this hard in school so that I can be a “starving artist.” Besides, becoming a lawyer would help me with a secret personal mission; one that started when I was nine. One way or the other, opportunities in the performing arts kept showing up for me. I had decided to give my dream a shot and never looked back.


As Seen In

Fashion Entrepreneur for moms to be.

“The solution to all problems starts with awareness of the problem. And that was the first thing Joselyn did for me.

As a business owner and mom of 3, I never feel I have enough time to get it ALL done. But one of my goals is to Do it All! I want to balance family life and my business successfully. So I was straining, working overnight on my business and then waking up tired to tend to my motherhood and household duties only to do it all over again.

Joselyn showed me that you can take control of your time. Eye-opener! She shares resources for planning, scheduling and organizing yourself that are incredibly helpful and simple to do. I look forward to improving my life and business within the Joselyn Martinez community. Thank you!”

– Laura Diaz.


NYC, Creative Butterfly

“When I met Joselyn, my play was simply a vague idea, a concept. Her goal sheets helped me break down the play into scenes. After Joselyn’s workshop, I felt more empowered and less worried. Her words, goal sheets and the connections she drew with all women in the room, made me feel a real sense of community, like my art mattered and was needed.

By the time I was done with our one on ones and she had her first workshop, my play was complete. I did it! I sent my play out to be copywritten. I then sent it out for a festival in the Summer and I got in!”

– Lorisse Bentine

Sex Educator, Entrepreneur, Mother

“If you need resources on time-management, planning, decluttering or just different ways on being successful in life and/or in business, taking Joselyns courses like Creating Lifestyle Designs, Joining her Powermind Squad Facebook group or one on one coaching is the way to go. Balancing motherhood and being a business owner has been very hard for me and all her valuable tips and information has helped. I am still a work in progress but knowing where i want to go and planning for it has made a real difference. My goals are no longer a wish as im taking action towards them.”

– Luimy Brea.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make it to one of the virtual days?
There will be a catch up day or we can talk on the side for your recording.
Who will be part of the Mastermind Group?
Creatives & entrepreneurs like you working on a specific personal or professional goal for growth, support and community.
How long is each session?
1 hour and 30 mins or an hour and 15. Depending if you’d like to stay longer.
I've never been in a Group like this, is that ok?
Many ladies have never taken part in a Group setting like this before, it is totally fine.
English is not my first language will I understand?
Our Mastermind is bilingual and “Spanglish.”
I'm not sure I could afford this, my budget is really tight right now.
Payment plans are available if they help you.
Do you offer refunds?
One day after the very first meeting, if you show proof of doing the work, and are not satisfied, you can get a refund. Please allow 30 days for processing.
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