I made it out to the Annual Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park (NYC) this past Sunday, for the second time in my whole entire life for one reason: the tents selling incense, essential oils and scrubs.  Apparently I was not the only one planning and plotting on how to buy as much as possible for a good price this year because it was pretty difficult to move around and grab the products with ease. People flocked to the essential oils and incense sections. Just look at everyone grabbing them in the picture below.

This year I was looking forward to bumping into the tent I purchased a few incense sticks from last year. At 16 sticks for a dollar, it is pretty popular but the quality happens to be great too! Their name: Moondancer. Now I won’t forget.  I left with various packs of incense for the 16/1 price and also with the largest incense sticks I have ever seen at a price that I already forgot. Who cares? I got Lavender, to keep me nice and rested at night. I also got four essential oils for $15. Yay! I won’t tell you which ones. That’s my secret. You can look at the whole collection on their website.

It was so warm this year so I decided to wear a short denim dress from H&M and flats. As for my Medieval look? I opted for crazy hair a red lipstick by Nars and called it a day. Placed the heels in the bag just in case I needed to switch to an evening look. With a city gal you just never know. I didn’t stick around for too much longer after the purchases but I did snap some pics, smiled at photographers that I found snapping away and took videos of cool people in costumes. I also made a new friend, the cute Yorkie who’s name happens to be Cutie. She figured out that resting on my bag was more comfortable than the park bench. How fashionable!

Later on, my friends and I visited nearby Maranello Restaurant  at 1 Nagle Ave (corner of Hillside). The kids’ mom and I used to live up the block back during college years. So it was nice to have a little visit. I had the yummy Eggplant appetizer and the Orecchiette pasta as an entree. My friend’s kids loved the Pizza and were happy to enjoy the AC after an unusually warm Fall Day.

Random: Below I added a video of a man doing something with tools :). I’m from NYC; leave me alone.

Info: Moondancer: www.mdancer.com Click on their Facebook Page here:  FB Page 

Medieval Festival Info click: here

Maranello Restaurant Info Click: here


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