No, I’m not selling anything. I’m only referring to Central Park and Fall Foliage. Hurry before the leaves are gone.

How many of us are born and raised in New York and never step foot in Central Park? I was and I don’t. Well, there are exceptions. The time I went see the New York Philharmonic play under the stars so many Summers ago with coworkers (their idea).

The time I walked in and sat on the first metallic gray rock that caught my eye; inspired by one of the co-workers because his “You’ve never been to Central Park?” question made me feel really left out.  Well…no, I answered. I mean, Why? Will I just walk?  Why? He replied something to the effect of just going in and enjoy it. Eat lunch…walk around etc…So I did go after that. I walked in and sat on the nearest shimmery gray rock and looked around, awkwardly trying to enjoy the moment and attached to the rock as if I had prime real estate. I probably did!

Years passed and I didn’t go back until one of those days I felt really jolly and decided to cross town via the the park for the first time. I was wearing hells, it started to rain and I ended up 20 blocks away from where I was meant to go. It just didn’t work out. Maybe I have been too much of an Uptown girl and I mean really Uptown. Past 96th street Uptown. If I told my mom I was going to go walk around in Central Park she’d freak out. Wondering why I’d be in such a vast wooded area alone. There is probably an extensive list of why some of us don’t enjoy some of the natural beauty of our city but recently I’ve made some changes in perspective.

Every year, at this time, I pre occupy myself with the approaching Winter. Remember last year’s Winter? Don’t. Let’s move on. This year though, I decided that I would just enjoy the Fall. Winter will come in due time and I don’t need to make it longer than it is by anticipating Old Man Winter. Did I just use that phrase? I did. Why is it called that? I sound like the Weather guy. That one.

Inspired by some of the beautiful pictures I have seen on social media sites, especially IG, I have been inspired to walk into a park. I am not going to state exactly where I live in one of our lovely five boroughs with the sounds of chirping birds here and there. I don’t know which types; the birds. The ones with red on each side and there is another one that has blue. Would that be a blue bird? So cool! I did find beautiful leaves, about three of them but they were beautiful. 

Anyway, sometime last week I received an email from MyBigApplecity.com with the latest blog post. I open the email to “Hello Autumn, things I love about Fall in the City.” then a beautiful picture of Central Park taken by Jennie, the writer-blogger, and writing in French. I figured that while searching for all things Parisians I had signed up for a French Newsletter but paragraphs in English followed:

Hello Autumn! Things I love about Fall in the city

“The Foliage in Central Park, period! Is there anything to add to this? No city does Fall better than New York, right? Central Park’s color change is as magnificent as in a movie and makes me want to hug every single (clean and fashionable) person in the park. There are just no words to describe the feeling of observing Fall in Central Park.”

I should be ashamed of myself. “No city does Fall better… ” and you and I (please don’t say it is just me) have done nothing  Autumnny (apparently I just didn’t make that word up) ever! October is about the same time I start thinking about Paris and here is a wonderful French native raving about our city in the Fall. Yup, go to my Instagram and you will find me smiling in front of the Eiffel Tower on a pic I took years ago. Central Park? No where in sight.

I quickly read thru the whole blog post, amazed by the beautiful shots of Central Park and thinking, I must go! Then I read the list of other suggestions of all kinds of things she’s doing in the Fall. Go see for yourself here! (But finish mine first). Towards the end of the blog post Jennie writes:

“Today is a special day for me as I celebrate my New York City anniversary! Four years ago, I landed in the Big Apple with a big suitcase, stars in my eyes as well as hope and dreams in my heart. Well, four years later: Oh New York I still love you!”

Sometimes it takes a someone from another place to have us appreciate what we have right in front of us. Thanks for this blog post mon amie (I just wanted to write something in French). I will be going to Central Park this weekend and enjoy the beautiful Fall Foliage with the great weather we are expecting. Besides, my nearest park is a little on the behind side with that but I am sure they will all turn into the wide array of Fall colors in due time.

To read the other great suggestions of things to do during Fall in NYC and see  the rest of the gorgeous pictures click here and don’t forget to follow the blog for all great things NYC.


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Photo by Jennie at www.MyBigAppleCity.com

Photo by Jennie at www.MyBigAppleCity.com

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