Sometime in June of 2013 I went on the Piers Morgan show and I will never forget it. Without speaking about what is still an open case to seek justice for my dad, I can and will say  how going to the show was an amazing and surreal experience.

Having watched Piers Morgan Live numerous times and tweeting a thing or to to him before I thought I would ever meet him, I was hard for me to believe I was asked to attend the show for an interview. I got numerous invitations and emails, tweets, phone calls, etc.. but I thought they were fake. The whole thing seemed fake.

Then, never in million years did I think I would show up and see pictures of my father in the studio as I walked in. Moments before we went live I mumbled something to Morgan about, I wasn’t expecting to see “my dad” here…the pictures. He was very kind and said I would be fine. Then a few  seconds later, we are on the air; Live.

Mom stayed home that day, she was exhausted, I was exhausted but at the end of the day, my dad was remembered and I would do it all over again.

Recently, I have been reading the Piers Morgan Live will no longer be on CNN. I am sure he will move on to better things but I will miss greatly miss the show.

I thank Piers Morgan for caring about victims of violence and as time goes on I hope I can someday also help other people that have experienced the same.
Piers Morgan-Joselyn Martinez

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