The Mastermind Time Masterclass

Learn how to manage your time (your life) like a boss so that you can start living the life you desire .

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Feeling like you’re always running in circles doing one thing after the other hoping at the end you will find time for yourself?

If you’re constantly wishing, hoping, or complaining about not having any time, this masterclass is for you. You are experiencing what I’m calling: #themodernwomanproblems

We are in one of the most amazing moments in modern history where we can create the lives we desire like never before.

The information age brings anything we need at our fingertips. Yet most driven, high achieving women find it difficult to fully live, let alone keep up with life and career demands.

 So how on Earth do others do? Create a business (let alone start it), travel, enjoy time with family, and have time to share Tik Tok Videos and reels? Sign up below with your name and email and join us on Sunday, May 15th at 11am EST. 

When: Sunday, May 15th @ 11am EST

In this FREE 60-minute training, you’ll learn:

  •  The top 3 reasons you don’t find any time for yourself
  • An overlooked and surprising time sucker affecting most busy people & how to fix it.
  • Steps you can start taking now to take control of your time. 

PLUS Special Guest: Omayra Jimenez on how she went from doing “a whole lot of nothing” to finding time for herself and living a life of joy. 

Finally, I learned how to prioritize. I learned what had to come first and what had to get done. I was doing a lot in my mind but I wasn’t taking action. I was doing a lot of nothing.

I’m so happy that I made the decision to take the mastermind because I have been able to manage my time now. I have a good balance. People ask me now, “how do you do everything?” This mastermind has been a blessing. Finally, I’m getting things done!

Omayra Jimenez/Lifecoach & Founder of Viva la Forty and New Beginnings Journal 

Viva La Forty

Omayra Jimenez with white shirt and black pants. Long red hair. Talks about time management.
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