The Modern Woman Mastermind Academy

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Modules Delivered?

Each week, a new Module will be released. You will receive the first lesson as soon as you sign up to help you prepare. 

How many days will be Live?

There will be three live meetings. One in the evening, an early one, and a weekend one. This will give you a chance to ask me questions. A recording will be sent out if you cannot make it live.  

Who will be part of the Mastermind Course?

Professional, creatives & entrepreneurs like you working on a specific personal or professional goal for growth, support, and community.

Most of the ladies have a project or business idea, whether it is starting or forming. 


I've never been in a Group like this, is that ok?
Many ladies have never taken part in a Group setting like this before, it is totally fine.
Do you offer refunds?
One day after the very first meeting, if you show proof of doing the work, and are not satisfied, you can get a refund. Please allow 30 days for processing.


Being in the Mastermind, is one of the best things I’ve done in a very, very long time.

Finally I learned how to prioritize. I learned what had to come first and what had to get done. I was doing a lot in my mind but I wasn’t taking action. I was doing a lot of nothing.

I’m so happy that I made the decision to take the mastermind because I have been able to manage my time now. I have a good balance. People ask me now, “how do you do everything?” This mastermind has been a blessing. Finally, I’m getting things done!

Omayra Jimenez

If you are a women that is super busy but yet has a desire to work on a goal. I highly recommend Joselyn’s Modern Woman Mastermind Workshop.

Prior to meeting Joselyn, I had an idea, a vision. But I was lacking guidance, motivation, and discipline. Honestly, without Joselyn’s help I would still be stuck with just the idea.

Joining the Modern Woman Mastermind group was exactly what I needed. I was able to focus, organize, and prioritize. With Joselyn’s weekly one-on-ones, consistent check-ins, and help developing an action plan, I’m so excited to say that I was able to successfully launch my podcast EVERYTHING WOMAN WITH MARILYN.”

Marilyn Salgado

You are doing a great service to your community. This is something everyone needs in their lives.

Before this seminar, I would wake up and turn on the news and have my coffee, and with all the natural disasters going on, I would immediately feel overwhelmed with sadness.

Now I pay attention to how I feel and ask myself: Would Joselyn be doing this? Nope…and I turn the TV off and start working on what’s important. I start working on my life.

Luimy B.

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Didn’t get the answer to your questions?

Reach out and send me your questions, I’ll be happy to connect with you.

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