…then I learned about Core Desires and Danielle La Porte. Where have I been? In my goal oriented head that’s where I’ve been. I’ll explain.

Here I am on Day 8  of the Imperfect Blogging Challenge and it is really Day 11 but it’s my day and since I won’t quit I am going to write about the Core Feelings Assignment. I realize that sentence made no sense but hey, the title is referring to a line by Danielle La Porte (video below):  “Don’t rely on outside forces to inform your reality.” Yay!

Assignment for Day 8: Write about your Core Desire Feelings. Forget about what you want to physically manifest and write about what you want to feel everyday, every week, every year because…. We tend to focus on what’s tangible when we create goals. I want to buy a house. I want to travel. I want to quit my day job. I want to make X amount with my business. I want to build a tribe for my brand.

At the core of all those wants is an intrinsic desire for something more meaningful. – Vicky Ayala

Then I watched the video at www.daniellelaporte.com

It changed everything for me. Is it that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. It’s basic and simple. I know. Except humans, sometimes, have a hard time with simplicity. It might be how I missed this. Always overanalyzing or making it more difficult?

Since watching the video I have taken my time to understand the concept and brainstorm about my core desire feelings. So for the time being, what I will do is pass on the wonderful info as I continue to work on this. 🙂  It’s freeing just to think about it. Maybe I will start with feeling: Free/Freedom. 

Below are two great videos. One by Marie Forleo  interviewing Danielle La Porte followed by the video on La Porte’s home page with a basic explanation of Core Feelings.

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