In a World Full of Distractions. Find Your Focus & Make Things Happen.
Solving the #ModernDayWomanProblems
You know there is something more out there.
and change can't come soon enough.


I might be familiar with some of these:

  • You feel like you have a million things to do and never enough time.
  • Starting on a goal, project or task only to end up scrolling through your Facebook “News” Feed or browsing for inspiration on IG or Pinterest.

(And if you don’t have Facebook or IG, you know you can count on your friends to send you numerous political rants, a picture of your ex’s new girlfriend and you still don’t know the point of #hashtags).

  • You think you found time to work on that thing you’ve been meaning to start but now the phone rings with a non emergency that has somehow become your problem. 
  • Feeling like time is passing and you are not where you thought you would be.  
  • There was that one time you wondered if you were the subject of a brujeria done right!
Modern Day Woman Problem Solved.
Imagine you could actually....


  • Enjoy the benefits of having free time & not walking around feeling like nothing is getting done.
  • Knowing that you are clear on most of your goals & you don’t have to second guess yourself all the time.
  • Feel more control of your life & decisions.
  • Feel more at ease & enjoying more of life’s moments as you work towards the version of yourself you most like to be.
  • Be more proactive in what you create in your life rather than reactive to what is thrown at you.


I work with you, over the course of 3 private consulting calls, to work on:

– Productivity hacks to give you more time.



Once you learn how to effectively use your time, you will find you will have more free time! And it feels good.

– How to use your brain power more effectively throughout the day.

– Affirmations, visualizations techniques, and resources. I’ll share the ones I’ve used to make what seemed to be the hardest of goals, a reality.

– Techniques I use to break down goals & create tasks that feel good. 

Making goals happen revolves around lifestyle design. One that most people don’t pay attention to throughout a lifetime.

With the power of consistency, commitment and action, you can get to where you want to be and enjoy the journey while you are at it. 

Your Investment
starting at $59

Select between 1, 2, or all 3 calls.

Everybody in the World is running around
with no time, just running & running.

But what are you all working for?

– Swami Parthasarathy –

Overview of the 3 Consulting Calls
Include the Following:
Call #1: Decluttering 101

Do you have tons of..

  • College notes or high school papers & books thinking you’ll need them one day?
  • Baby shower souvenirs from…the 80 & 90s?
  • Gifts you feel bad giving away but you never use?
During this call, we will talk about what you need to discard and how you can learn to finally let go of those things which are holding you back.
Call #2: Powermind Training

The brain is our most powerful asset. I’ll walk you through learning about how the brain works so you can maximize your productivity.

This call will focus on discussing your habits and identifying the changes in your routine which can help make your goals happen.

During this call, we will dig deeper into how the brain works so you can hack your mind to work in your favor.
Call #3: Unlocking Your Values & Strengths

Discover your core values so that you can identity what your values are and use that insight to make the best decisions for your lifestyle design.

Free up space so that you don’t sign up for what doesn’t interest you. Learn how to use your best skills with what brings you joy.

During this call, we will work on aligning your values with your strengths so that your purpose is clear.

Joselyn’s enthusiasm and positive outlook on achieving desired goals has motivated me to change my procrastination habits, and set forth a plan to reach my goals in a desired timeframe.

– Skarlent. R.
New York, NY

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