I am so happy to see this. Reproductions now offers orders for 25 headshots. Their lowest order used to be Fifty.

Now that so many headshots or comp cards are requested digitally, I find myself having many left over headshots, especially if I print out orders of 50 for more than one look.

A re order for 25 headshots is now $45. A reorder for 50 is $70.

Reproductions has been the best place to reproduce my headshots so I am sharing the great news.

Hers are the addresses and contact for Reproductions in case you have not use them.

Los Angeles
3499 Cahuenga Boulevard West
Los Angeles CA 90068

Tel: 323.845.9595
Outside LA: 888.797.7795
Fax: 323.845.0188
New York
70 West 40th St., 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018

Tel: 646.502.3700
Outside NYC: 800.647.3776
Fax: 212.382.3730

Here is the site for further info:


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