Day 3 or 28 Day Blogging Challenge: Today’s assignment: 

What would you do if you woke up and found yourself with a bottomless bank account for 24 hours? 

Write about what your day looks like from the moment you find your Jackpot to the very last second of your 24 hour day. 

Account for your whole day. Do you spend the first 5 minutes crying and then the next 3 hours laughing your ass off?

Crying? Are you serious? I wouldn’t shed one tear. Yes I’d laugh my ass off, right after I:

1. Call the bank and make sure the money is mine to use. Let’s get real here. It sounds kind of fishy. It would be messed up to use up a lot of money that wasn’t mine.

2. Call Suze Orman but if she annoys me I will hang up the phone, my bank account is bottomless remember? So I can’t run out if I wanted to.

3. Pay everything I need to pay.

4. Call Suze Orman again because I get nervous. Listen to her advice. Based on what I want. 🙂

5.  Give friends and family half of what I plan on giving them really quickly so that my phone is free to do all the other things I want to do and it isn’t taken up by long stories of how suddenly one has broken a leg etc…

6. Put some of the money away and not tell anyone.

7. Buy a place in Paris, Beach house in La Romana, DR, (I don’t have to buy the whole area, I don’t want to deal with the responsibility), an apartment in a high rise with a gym. Real Estate is always good. The apartment in Paris would be around Champs Elysees so I have quick access to not only one of the most beautiful streets in the World but also to Chanel.

8. Get every single class I want to take, finally be fluent in French, enough to be advanced in Krav Maga, all the acting classes, voice, etc…all of that. Buy them all.

9. Look up my favorite charities and donate. If it is bottomless then I can just donate everywhere to everything from Children’s Hospitals to Cancer Research. Add that to the list. Eradicate hunger and save all the animals. Everyone secretly wants to do that. I hope.

This is too much work, I am already feeling tired. How will I do all of this in 24 hours?

10.  Hillary Clinton: This time I will donate more than the $25 I did last time. I tried. Now I can max out on your campaign for 2016.

11. I’d lie if I didn’t say I would go on a shopping spree.

I feel like I am not doing enough.

12. Call Suze Orman again and ask how I am doing.

13. Maybe Donald and Ivanka Trump have some ideas for me. Call them up.

14. Cover the a bunch of Indiegogo campaigns and others similar to it.

15. Wait, I ‘d set up all of my projects too!

16. Have party with friends and family, they will all attend because of the bottomless bank too.

17. Give the friends and family the other half I didn’t tell them about because they will ask again after having wine and champagne and the great party.

18. Call Oprah. I don’t know why but I just want to call her now that I am rich.

19. Maybe it’s time for a car.

20. I almost forgot Misu’s life long supply of Fancy Feast. He’s got a few more years in him.

21. A few paid vacations before the 24 hours runs out.

That’s it? I feel like I didn’t do much.

*Note: This is Day 3 of the 28 Day Blogging Challenge at www.imperfectblogging.com





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