Creative Lifestyle Design 101:
Goals & Productivity for the Modern Woman.
Saturday, May 20th 2017

 “Everybody in the World is running around with no time, just running & running. But what are you all working for?”  – Swami Parthasarathy.

What are we really working for?
And what do we really want? 

Studies show that only 8% of the people that set out New Year’s goals achieve them.

You want to be in that 8%

But there is this: People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.

-Statistic Brain. 

Achieving your goals might take designing or styling your your current lifestyle. 

Let me explain:

So writing them down is the first step. Well, that’s after our intentions and desires have come into play but to bring them to the physical world, let’s say writing them down comes first. Even with the magic of pen to paper some goals just remain as words.

Here are some reasons I have found:

  1.  We didn’t really want it to begin with. Yeah, really. That happens.
  2.  We were denying ourselves something else we wanted to make it happen so our  subconscious took a pass on it. Cause…yeah. Our subconscious is pretty powerful.
  3.  Didn’t work on the mind: The Mindsets. If your goal is not aligned with what you truly desire, your day to day decisions will not lead you to your goal.
  4. Most people fail to fit the goals into their lifestyle in a way they want or desire. So we drop em like, Boy Bye.

Four months into the year:  

By this point in the year you have already seen some goals just vanish or you are enjoying the fruits or seeing some flourish. 

The 8 percent is happy. It’s seeing some of those seeds flourish. Cause it turns out, humans get a thrill out of achieving what they set out to. 

My goals or how to make things happen discovery:

Goals is not supposed to feel like you are running around trying to reach a destination in which happiness is achieved at a later date! No.

Dysfunctional patterns of society have creating joy sucking methods on how to achieve goals.

If you aren’t happy. What is the point?

Starting to style the goals around your ideal life in creative ways is more fulfilling. 


If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan, and guess what they have planned for you?

Not Much.

– Jim Roth –

Goals + Productivity Intensive

Did you know that sometimes thinking so much about something (like the goals we aren’t attaining) is enough to fool the brain into believing it is making them happen.

In this Intensive you will learn about:

  • Productivity hacks to give you more time. Once you learn how to effectively use your time, you will find you will have more free time! And it feels good.
  • How to use your brain power more effectively throughout the day.
  • Affirmations & visualizations techniques & Resources. (Ones I have used to make what seemed to be the hardest of goals, a reality).
  • Techniques I use to break down goals & create tasks that feel good. 
  • The importance of community with like minded individuals.

Making goals happen revolves around lifestyle design. One that most people don’t pay attention to throughout a lifetime.

With the power of consistency, commitment and action, you can get to where you want to be and enjoy the journey while you are at it. 


Get a access to private Powermind Squad Facebook Group & get weekly tips on productivity and all relating to creative lifestyling success.

Who is this Workshop For?

For ladies that want to revisit the year’s goals, tweak, make new ones.

Those that have a constant battle with time by thinking there isn’t any.

If you write down goals every year
then watch the year go by without reaching them and now it’s annoying you.

If you think goals sound overwhelming so you’ve been putting them off.
Don’t know where to start. So…you don’t. 

If you want to create bigger goals
and need the structure for making them happen.

If you’d love to meet like minded driven ladies committed to finding creative ways to make their dreams a reality.

What they are saying: 

“Joselyn’s Lifestyle 101 workshop was just what I was looking for.  I found the experience to be empowering and worthwhile. Most of all, I enjoyed networking woth amazing driven women.  Joselyn’s enthusiam and positive outlook on achieving desired goals has motivated me to change my procrastination habits, and set forth a plan to reach my goals in a desired timeframe”. -Skarlent. R. New York, NY.


What You Can Expect

 INSPIRATION + INSIGHTS+ Fun in a safe setting 
with other fabulous like minded ladies!

Goal Setting Bootcamp

We’ll identify the goals you really want to attain so you can free yourself from those you do not want or no longer serve you.

Year at a Glance Guide

Spread out your goals throughout the year & break them down so that you’re managing expectations and setting yourself up for success!

matheus-ferrero-Mind styling
Style Your Mind

Productivity Hacks:

Learn the techniques for being in control of your Time, learning about your habits & feeling the freedom to do more of what you love.


  • What if this is the first time I am attending a workshop about this?

It’s totally cool. This is the first workshop for many.

  • Will there be snacks?

Yes, light snacks + refreshments..

20 to 30 minute networking after we are finished + a glass of wine with your fellow chicas.

*Refund Policy:

**No refunds. It is a small event but things happen. We’ll work together to find a solution if unforeseen situation arises.

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