Lifestyle Design 101: Spring Edition. Staying on Track.
Workshop March 18th, 2017

Studies show that only 8% of the people that set out New Year’s goals achieve them.

You want to be in that 8%

But there is this: People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.

-Statistic Brain. 

Designing Your Life.

So writing them down is the first step. Well, that’s after our intentions and desires have come into play but to bring them to the physical world, let’s say writing them down comes first. One of the issues I noted with not making some goals happen is that:

  1.  We didn’t really want it to begin with. Yeah, really. That happens.
  2.  We were denying ourselves something else we wanted to make it happen so our subconscious took a pass on it. Cause…yeah.
  3.  Didn’t work on the mind. The Mindsets (we’ll go into that in the workshop).

Most people fail to fit the goals into their lifestyle in a way they want or desire. So we drop em.

It’s now March.

This is about the time most people will start falling off track OR seeing the seeds of their work start to flourish. 

The 8 percent is happy. It’s seeing some of those seeds flourish.

A lot goes on behind the scenes before completing your goals.

Envisioning what you’d really like to see your year to see and feel like.

Writing them down in a way that motivates you and makes you want to do more.

Breaking them down, rewarding yourself & don’t forget the power of mastermind groups and accountability.

It’s a lifestyle design.




If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan, and guess what they have planned for you?

Not Much.

– Jim Roth –

Spring Time LifeStyling Review

While writing goals down is a major step in achieving them. Yet making them happen goes  beyond writing down wishes on a list of paper.

Did you know that sometimes thinking so much about something (like the goals we aren’t attaining) is enough to fool the brain into believing it is making them happen.

Our beautiful brain thinks that by thinking of a goal, it is working on it but between thinking about goals and making them happen is a place, where all the action happens – the behind the scenes.

Often times people leave the fun out of attaining goals when it works best with a reward system.

Those small steps feel good and they lead to reaching that final goal!

The thrill of checking that off & having fun while you are at it.

Who is this Workshop For?

For ladies that want to revisit the year’s goals, tweak, make new ones.

Ladies that didn’t get around to writing the goals in January or February.

Those that have a constant battle with time by thinking there isn’t any. 

If you write down goals every year
then watch the year go by without reaching them and now it’s annoying you.

If you think goals sound overwhelming
and you don’t know where to start. So…you don’t. 

If you want to create bigger goals
and need the structure for making them happen.

If you’d love to meet like minded driven ladies and have a toast to sparking your dearest desires.

What You Can Expect

with other fabulous ladies!

Goal Setting Bootcamp

We’ll identify the goals you really want to attain so you can free yourself from those you do not want or no longer serve you.

Year at a Glance Guide

Spread out your goals throughout the year so that you’re managing expectations and setting yourself up for success!

matheus-ferrero-Mind styling
Style Your Mind

Learn the techniques for being in control of your Time, learning about your habits & feeling the freedom to do more of what you love.

  • What if this is the first time I am attending a workshop about this?

It’s totally cool. This is the first workshop for many.

  • Will there be snacks?

Yes, light snacks + refreshments..

20 to 30 minute networking after we are finished + a glass of wine with your fellow chicas.

*Refund Policy:

**No refunds. It is a small event but things happen. We’ll work together to find a solution if unforeseen situation arises.

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